Table 3-3: Ranking The Potential Contaminant Sources*

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Higher Risks

Body Shops
Auction Lots Airports - Maintenance/Fueling Areas Historic Gas Stations
Gas Stations
Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) Landfills/Dumps Historic Waste Dumps/Landfills
Repair Shops
Farm Machinery Repair Railroad Yards/Maintenance/Fueling Areas Injection Wells/Drywells/Sumps
Boat Services/Repair/Refinishing Machine Shops Septic Systems - High Density - >1/Acre Military Installations
Chemical/Petroleum Processing/Storage Lagoons/Liquid Wastes Utility Stations - Maintenance Areas
Underground Storage Tanks
Confirmed Leaking Tanks (DEQ List)
Chemical/Petroleum Processing/Storage Pesticide/Fertlizer/Petroleum Storage, Handling, Mixing, & Cleaning Areas Non-Regulated Tanks - <1,100 Gallons)
Dry Cleaners Not Yet Upgraded or Registered Tanks
Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing Wells
Fleet/Trucking/Bus Terminals
Furniture Repair/Manufacturing
Home Manufacturing
Junk/Scrap/Salvage Yards
Machine Shops
Metal Plating/Finishing/Fabricating
Mines/Gravel Pits
Parking Lots/Malls - >50 Spaces
Photo Processing/Printing
Plastics/Synthetics Producers
Research Laboratories
Wood Preserving/Treating
Wood/Pulp/Paper Processing and Mills

Moderate Risks

Car Washes
Crops - Irrigated**
Berries, Hops, Mint, Orchards, Vineyards, Nurseries Drinking Water Treatment Plants Above Ground Storage Tanks
Cement/Concrete Plants Greenhouses, Vegetables Golf Courses Construction/Demolition Areas
Food Processing Boarding Stables Housing - High Density - >1 House/0.5 Acres Managed Forests
Funeral Services/Graveyards Land Application Sites Motor Pools Random Dumpsites
Hardware/Lumber/Parts Stores Parks Sludge Disposal Areas
Medical/Vet Office Waste Transfer/Recycling Stations
Transportation Corridors
Freeways/State Highways
Wastewater Treatment Plants/Collection Stat's. Railroads
Right-of-Ways-Herbicide Use Areas

Lower Risks

Office Buildings/Complexes
Crops - Nonirrigated
Christmas Trees, Grains, Grass Seeds, Hay, Pasture Apartments and Condominiums Surface Water - Streams/Lakes/Rivers
RV/Mini Storage Septic Systems - Low Density - <1/Acre Campgrounds/RV Parks
Underground Storage Tanks
Decommissioned - Inactive
Fire Stations Upgraded and/or Registered - Active
* Facility-specific management practices are not taken into account in estimating risks and assigning these categories.

** Note: Drip-irrigated crops are considered lower risks.

GW\WH5868CG (November 1, 1996)