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Example Letter

Re: __________________WELLHEAD PROTECTION PLAN

Dear Property Owner/Operator:

The community(ies) of __________________has(have) taken a proactive approach to protecting our valuable drinking water supply by establishing a local wellhead protection plan. A wellhead protection plan is developed by delineating the geographic area where the water supplies originate and protecting that area through our own selected methods. Our local wellhead protection Team worked to develop this plan with involvement from as many local citizens and property owners as possible. We hope you were involved and/or informed of this effort.

The purpose of this letter is to tell you that your property is within the wellhead protection area which contributes groundwater to our drinking water supply. One element of our local wellhead protection plan involves creating more awareness of the need to take precautions to prevent groundwater contamination in this area. We are asking for your commitment to join us in this effort.

OPTIONAL: An ordinance has been adopted for this wellhead protection area which requires all property owners to employ best management practices.


OPTIONAL: We will be relying on voluntary implementation of pollution prevention activities, including the incorporation of best management practices.

We are committed to helping you obtain free information on what can be incorporated into your day-to-day operations to reduce your risk of release of any potential groundwater contaminant. Businesses within our wellhead protection area can begin by reviewing the attached handout (use Table 3-5) which summarizes best management practices that are applicable to most operations. These are basically common sense approaches that are already employed by many businesses in order to reduce their liabilities.

The second attachment to this letter contains some resources available to help you with your pollution prevention efforts (use info from Appendix F). We have also enclosed some information on Oregon DEQ's Waste Reduction Assistance Program, where you can obtain on-site technical assistance, free training workshops, and access to an information clearinghouse on waste reduction. We encourage all property owners within our wellhead protection area to contact one or more of these resources to get more information on best management practices specific to your type of operation.

If you have any questions about wellhead protection, please feel free to call _____________________. Thank you in advance for your participation in this important community effort. It is critical to the protection of our drinking water supply.


_____________________________________(list of Team members)

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