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The following example potential contaminant survey and well log inventory comes from the work of the Oregon Association of Water Utilities (OAWU). Groundwater program grants were awarded from EPA to OAWU through its parent organization, the National Rural Water Association, to help small water systems develop wellhead protection plans. OAWU has been actively involved in delineating and inventorying over 65 small water systems in Oregon for the past two years. OAWU can be reached at (503) 873-8353. Mr. Tom Pattee is OAWU's Groundwater Technician and coordinator here in Oregon.

Example Inventory Note Page

Example Inventory Map 1

Example Inventory Map 2

The following example wellhead protection survey form and map comes from the work of the Mid-Willamette Valley Council of Governments (MWVCOG). MWVCOG was awarded an EPA grant in 1994 to develop a prioritization system for multiple public water systems and assist all public water systems in Marion and Yamhill Counties by delineating the wellhead protection areas and conducting a potential contaminant source inventory. Ms. Jeanne Fromm served as the Wellhead Protection Specialist for MWVCOG and the Project Manager in Mr. Skip Wendoloski. MWVCOG staff can be reached at (503) 588-6177.

Example Inventory Map

Example Wellhead Protection Survey Form

Example Notes

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