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Public Notice of NPDES Construction Stormwater General Permit 1200-C Applications

The 1200-C permit regulates stormwater runoff to surface waters from construction activities and is required for all projects in the state affecting one or more acres. The permit provides for a public review process for those projects that disturb five acres or more of land.

During the 14-day public review period (10 business days), the public may review the application, which describes the construction project and Erosion and Sediment Control Plans (ESCP), which describes how runoff and sediment will be controlled on the site, at the appropriate DEQ office listed below. Please provide comments in a separate letter or by e-mail using the addresses listed below. Only submit water quality-related comments regarding the permit application and ESCP. DEQ cannot act on land use-related comments because they are outside the agency's jurisdiction. DEQ's stormwater technical staff will review your comments and will inform you of the action(s) taken in response to the comments.

Note:  Please call the DEQ office before traveling to that office to make sure the documents are available.

*** There are currently no 1200-C Permit applications in the database for public review. ***