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Oregon's 2010 Integrated Report Assessment Database and 303(d) List

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The 2010 Integrated Report Assessment Database contains information on water quality in Oregon’s surface waters and includes waters identified as water quality limited that need TMDLs (Category 5: Section 303(d) list).

The assessment database contains information and 303(d) listings and de-listings approved by EPA on March 15, 2012. EPA also disapproved DEQ’s submittal for not including other waters on the 303(d) list and on Dec. 14, 2012 added 870 waters to Oregon’s 2010 303(d) list.

With EPA’s action, Oregon’s 2010 303(d) list is final and includes the listings approved in March 2012 along with listings added in December 2012.

You can review the 2010 Integrated Report using default or customized settings (See Review the Database), or review these pre-selected lists:

 About the Database

The 2010 Integrated Report Assessment Database contains new assessment information and updates to assessments from 1998, 2002, and 2004. (See 2004/2006 Integrated Report Database).The updates made in 2010 are described in the “2010 Assessment Action” report field. If no new data evaluations or assessments are done in 2010, the assessment information and the status assigned in previous assessments are carried forward into the 2010 Integrated Report and noted as “No 2010 action”. 

Information for each record in the assessment database includes:

 Instructions to Review the 2010 Integrated Report Database

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NOTE: Large rivers (Willamette River, Columbia River, Deschutes River, etc.) and large assessment units may be in more than one subbasin (4th Field HUC). Search by water body name to find ALL the assessments on large waters. Searching by subbasin names will return any assessment unit contained in or crossing that 4th field HUC. (Example: "Alsea" returns 412 records.) Searching by combined subbasin names will return only the assessment segments that are in all those 4th field HUCs. (Example: "Alsea; Siuslaw" returns 2 records.)

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For more information about DEQ's Integrated Report and 303(d) list contact Karla Urbanowicz by phone at (503) 229-6099