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Environmental Cleanup Site Information (ECSI) Database Site Summary Full Report - Details for Site ID 887, Catellus Development Corp. - Milwaukie (Parcel 2)

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This report contains site details, organized into the following sections: 1) Site Photos (appears only if the site has photos); 2) General Site Information; 3) Site Characteristics; 4) Substance Contamination Information; 5) Investigative, Remedial and Administrative Actions; and 6) Site Environmental Controls (i.e., institutional or engineering controls; appears only if DEQ has applied one or more such controls to the site). A key to certain acronyms and terms used in the report appears at the bottom of the page.

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General Site Information

Site ID: 887 Site Name: Catellus Development Corp. - Milwaukie (Parcel 2) CERCLIS No:
Address: SE 37th Ave. & Monroe St. Milwaukie 97222
  County: Clackamas Region: Northwest
Other location information: Between 37th, Oak, Monroe, and Washington at railroad tracks in Milwaukie.
Investigation Status: Listed on CRL or Inventory
  Brownfield Site: No NPL Site: No Orphan Site: No Study Area: No
Property: Twnshp/Range/Sect: 1S , 1E , 36 Tax Lots: Tax Lot 19203
  Latitude: 45.445 deg. Longitude: -122.6258 deg.  Site Size: 6.5 acres
Other Site Names:
  LD McFarland Pole Treating Facility - E Milwaukie

Site Characteristics

General Site Description: NOTE: There are several ECSI sites in the immediate vicinity of the first DEQ Cleanup Program site in the area, which is named Catellus Development Corp. - Milwaukie (Parcel 2) (ECSI #887). These other sites are: Milwaukie Marketplace (ECSI #900); Southern Pacific Right-Of-Way - Milwaukie (ECSI #1584); Albina Fuel (Former) - Milwaukie (ECSI #1724); and Catellus Development Corp. - Milwaukie (Parcel 1) (ECSI #3331). Several of these sites have been affected by the release of creosote at ECSI #887. DEQ made a no-further-action decision for Parcel 1 in July 2002.
Site History:
Contamination Information: Environmental investigations conducted since 1989 have revealed the presence of PAH contamination in on-site soils to depths greater than 40 feet bgs, in off-site soils beneath the adjacent SPTCo railroad right-of-way, and on the Milwaukie Marketplace. The investigations have also revealed the presence of elevated PAHs in on-site groundwater.
Manner and Time of Release: Past practices and vandalism at pole-treating facility caused releases of creosote. The facility operated from the 1920s to 1953. Ten thousand gallons were released in 1951 when young vandals opened valves on the creosote vats.
Hazardous Substances/Waste Types: The contaminants of concern are constituents of creosote: polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and dibenzofurans.
Pathways: On-site and off-site soils are contaminated; on-site groundwater contaminated; off-site groundwater threatened. PAHs detected in on-site and off-site soils and in on-site groundwater may threaten the Milwaukie drinking water supply. (Two city supply wells are located adjacent to the site.) Current land use within 0.5 mile of the site is primarily residential and commercial. The site is located near a wetlands area.
Environmental/Health Threats: Soil and groundwater contamination confirmed. Milwaukie drinking water supply wells located adjacent to site; wetlands adjacent to site; site is located in residential area adjacent to shopping center. Potential threats to humans by contact with site soils and ingestion of drinking water.
Status of Investigative or Remedial Action: Voluntary Cleanup Letter Agreement signed 9/91. Voluntary Cleanup Agreement signed 8/92. Phase I RI field work completed 5/93. Phase II field work completed 12/94. Conceptual approach to the FS presented 6/27/95. RI completed 8/96. FS proceeding. (8/27/98 MJM/VCP) Groundwater monitoring ongoing. Interim soil removal performed 9/98. (9/27/00 MJM/VCP) DEQ accepted feasibility study 9/15/00. (1/19/01 MJM/VCP) DEQ staff report recommending site remedy completed 12/00. (5/7/01 MJM/VCP) Record of Decision signed 3/15/01. (11/21/01 MJM/VCP) DEQ and LD McFarland entered into a Consent Decree 8/14/01 to implement the site remedy. Phase I soil-management activities occurred August - November 2001. DEQ reviewed the remedial action documentation and provided public notice June 1 - July 1, 2002, proposing to issue a Certificate of Completion for Phase I work. No comments were received, and DEQ issued a Certificate of Completion for the Phase I work 7/11/02. DEQ has divided the 7-acre site into two parcels, Parcel 1 (ECSI #3331/Tax Lot 3303) and Parcel 2 (ECSI #887/Tax Lot 19203). The Certificate of Completion for Phase I work applies to ECSI #3331 only. Groundwater monitoring and annual protectiveness reviews are being preformed per the ROD. Final remedial measures are planned to be integrated into site development when that occurs.
Data Sources: 1. Environmental Assessment Report, Sweet-Edwards/EMCOM, 3/19/91. 2. Complaint form. 3. Quincy Sugarman at OSPIRG notified DEQ on 12/15/88 that a Ms. Reinholdt had called & was concerned this property might be contaminated. OSPRIG-222-9641; Ms. Reinholdt-659-7664 (Referral from WQ).

Substance Contamination Information

Substance Media Contaminated Concentration Level Date Recorded
PETROLEUM HYDROCARBONS Soil 36-1300 mg/kg 3/19/1991
POLYAROMATIC HYDROCARBONS (PAH) Soil nd - 9752 mg/kg 3/19/1991

Investigative, Remedial and Administrative Actions

Action Start Date Compl. Date Resp. Staff Lead Pgm
Site added to database 05/12/1988   Leslie Kochan SAS
SITE EVALUATION 07/17/1990 07/17/1990 Michael Zollitsch SAS
Listing Review completed 07/18/1990 07/18/1990 Michael Zollitsch SAS
Place on hold 07/19/1990 08/07/1991 Michael Zollitsch SAS
NEGOTIATIONS 06/24/1991 11/01/1991 Marilyn Daniel VCS
Proposal for Confirmed Release List recommended 08/07/1991 08/07/1991 Marilyn Daniel VCS
REMOVAL 08/17/1991 09/09/1991 Marilyn Daniel VCS
REMEDIAL INVESTIGATION 09/09/1991 08/26/1996 Matt Mcclincy VCS
Letter Agreement 08/11/1992 08/11/1992 Matt Mcclincy VCS
PRELIMINARY ASSESSMENT EQUIVALENT 01/31/1994 01/31/1994 Marilyn Daniel VCS
Proposal for Inventory recommended 02/01/1994 02/01/1994 Marilyn Daniel VCS
Facility proposed for Inventory 02/10/1994 02/10/1994 Marilyn Daniel VCS
Facility proposed for Confirmed Release List 02/10/1994 02/10/1994 Marilyn Daniel VCS
Listing on Confirmed Release List recommended 04/05/1994 04/05/1994
Listing on Inventory recommended 04/05/1994 04/05/1994
Review for final listing 04/05/1994 04/05/1994
Facility placed on Confirmed Release List 04/06/1994 04/06/1994 Heather Schijf SAS
Facility placed on Inventory 04/06/1994 04/06/1994 Heather Schijf SAS
FEASIBILITY STUDY 08/26/1996 09/15/2000 Matt Mcclincy VCS
Beneficial Water Use Assessment 08/26/1996 08/26/1996 Matt Mcclincy VCS
Land-Use Assessment 08/26/1996 08/26/1996 Matt Mcclincy VCS
RECORD OF DECISION 03/15/2001 03/15/2001 Matt Mcclincy VCS
Consent Decree 08/14/2001 08/14/2001 Matt Mcclincy VCS
REMEDIAL ACTION 08/14/2001   James Orr VCS
NEGOTIATIONS  (Primary Action) 06/18/2019   James Orr

Site Environmental Controls

Control Description Begin Date End Date Last Reviewed By Last Review Date
Use Restriction Groundwater 10/25/2001   M McClincy, DEQ
  Comments: Groundwater use prohibited (other than water used for remedial actions).
Cap, non-engineered 10/25/2001   M McClincy, DEQ 02/10/2015
  Comments: Requirement to maintain and inspect cap over contaminated soil.
Periodic montioring & reporting, groundwater quality 10/25/2001   M McClincy, DEQ
  Comments: Regular monitoring and reporting to DEQ on groundwater quality, particularly in reference to City of Milwaukie production wells.

Key to Certain Acronyms and Terms in this Report:

You may be able to obtain more information about this site by contacting James Orr at the Northwest regional office or via email at If this does not work, you may contact Kim Hack (503) 229-6811, or via email at or contact the Northwest regional office.