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Environmental Cleanup Site Information (ECSI) Database Site Summary Full Report - Details for Site ID 816, Kingsley Field Study Area

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This report contains site details, organized into the following sections: 1) Site Photos (appears only if the site has photos); 2) General Site Information; 3) Site Characteristics; 4) Substance Contamination Information; 5) Investigative, Remedial and Administrative Actions; and 6) Site Environmental Controls (i.e., institutional or engineering controls; appears only if DEQ has applied one or more such controls to the site). A key to certain acronyms and terms used in the report appears at the bottom of the page.

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General Site Information

Site ID: 816 Site Name: Kingsley Field Study Area CERCLIS No: 5570024757
Address: Joe Wright Rd. Klamath Falls 97603
  County: Klamath Region: Eastern
Other location information: Kingsley Field, Joe Wright Road, 5 miles south of city.
Investigation Status: Suspect site requiring further investigation
  Brownfield Site: No NPL Site: No Orphan Site: No Study Area: Yes
Property: Twnshp/Range/Sect: 39S , 9E , 22 Tax Lots:
  Latitude: 42.1629 deg. Longitude: -121.7415 deg.  Site Size: Approx. 900 acres
Other Site Names:
  USAF - Kingsley Field
  Klamath Falls (City of) - Kingsley Field
  Skeet Range
  Shotgun Firing Range
  173rd Fighter Wing

Site Characteristics

General Site Description: Kingsley Field currently uses the City of Klamath Falls property, approximately 900 acres total, as joint-use airport. The Base occupies about 256 acres exclusive use, 21 acres public domain U.S. Air Force (USAF)-owned, 34 acres perpetual easement USAF property that is leased from the City of Klamath Falls, and 590 acres of Joint Use area with the City of Klamath Falls Airport. USAF leases the property from the City of Klamath Falls, which in turn licenses it to the Oregon Air National Guard. The lease expires in June 2045. Current activities at the Base include providing fighter aircraft training and support; maintaining the runway and taxiway; and providing fire, crash, rescue, and emergency medical support for the airport.

The area surrounding the Base consists primarily of agricultural land, with some residential and industrial land use The base is at an elevation of 4,050 above mean sea level (amsl) on a relatively flat valley floor that slopes gently to the SW.
Site History: Kingsley Field was constructed in the late 1920s as a municipal airport. During WWII, the U. S. Navy constructed a Naval Air Station at the present location of the Base. In 1946, the station was deactivated, and the installation divided between the City of Klamath Falls and the Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Department of the Interior. In 1955, the USAF started construction of a new all-weather fighter interceptor complex at the location; the Base was officially dedicated in 1957. In 1981, the ANG assumed part of the USAF commitment at the Base. The Base was designated a separate ANG installation by order of the USAF in 1984, and the 114th Tactical Fighter Training Squadron was assigned property jurisdiction and control. In 1992, the unit was renamed the 173rd FW.
Contamination Information: (12/20/05 KJR/SAS) Kingsley Field consists of multiple cleanup sites in distinct areas of the ~1,100 acre property. Assessement and cleanup activites are being performed by both the USAF and the Cith of Klamath Falls. Because the property is very large (~1,100 acres) and the areas of concern do not overlap, DEQ has assigned specific ECSI numbers for specific areas in order to track assessment and cleanup activities more accurately. This ECSI number (816) has been dedicated as the Study Area and all site specific ECSI # are part of this Study Area.

For investigations that are short term and do not need an individual ECSI assigned are handled under ECSI 816.

As of 2021, ongoing PFAS investigation updates will be presented in this ECSI record.
Manner and Time of Release:
Hazardous Substances/Waste Types:
Environmental/Health Threats:
Status of Investigative or Remedial Action: (10/31/13 KJR/VCP) The former skeet range and shotgun firing platform (TS001) was assessed by the Military Munitions Response Program in May 2011. A NFA was issued for these areas on 4/16/13.

Currently several areas of the base are being evaluated under the Western Region 1 Compliance Restoration Program.

(3/21/14 KJR/VCP) Several independent Areas of Concern (AOC) were identified on the active Air National Guard (ANG) military base within the boundary of Kingsley Field. The AOCs were identified during a Preliminary Assessment/Site Inspection review performed in November 2010 by the ANG Western Region 1 Compliance Restoration Program. Site Investigation actions were completed in November 2012 & December 2013. A NFA was issued for the five AOCs listed below in March 2014.

1. Building 219 Former Aircraft Wash Rack/Sump System
2. Building 332 Former Dry Well
3. Building 333 Former Solvent Underground Storage Tank (UST) and Oil/Water Separator (OWS)
4. Building 571 (formerly 570) 140-Gallon UST
5. Former Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Sludge Disposal Pit

Two additional AOCs, the former wash rack discharge to a ditch associated with Building 572 and the floor drain discharge to a ditch associated with the Vehicle Maintenance Building require additional actions.

(2/5/18 KJR/VCP) RI and FFS completed for Wash Rack Discharge (RW004) and Building 572 (DD018) AOCs. Small removal of PAH impacted soils proposed. Project on hold as funds shifting to Perfluorooctanesulfonate (PFOS) and Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA) (emerging contaminants of concern at federal level).

A Preliminary Assesment was completed in 2015 to identify potential sites of historic environmental releases of perfluorinated compounds, specifically from Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) usage and storage. Several areas were identified and a Site Inspection testing for PFOS and PFOA will be performed in 2018.

The Contaminated Media Management Plan for the base was updated in Oct. 2017.

(3/5/19 KJD/VCP) Site Inspection for perfluorinated compounds at eight locations on the base completed in 2018. PFOS/PFOA contaimination was detected in all 8 areas. Additional delineation will be performed.

Select Site Documents may be viewed from the site document section of this database.

(09/21/2021 DJH/VCP). PFAS including PFOA and PFOS have been detected at high concentrations at the base, notably in groundwater to a maximum concentration of ~400,000 ppt. Investigation activities are underway under the National Guard Bureau/DOD. There are three work elements currently planned or underway at site: 1) off-base private PFAS well sampling; 2) PA/SI investigation work (PFAS); and 3) planned removal of conventional (cPAH) soil contamination at VMF and washdown rack areas. Limited DEQ oversight is being completed under a 2021 Voluntary Cleanup (letter) agreement.
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ERM November 2000 Final Site Assessment Report; Phase 2 Site Assessment Report for the Petroleum Release Site, Harding ESE, July, 2002);

Substance Contamination Information

Substance Media Contaminated Concentration Level Date Recorded
No information is available

Investigative, Remedial and Administrative Actions

Action Start Date Compl. Date Resp. Staff Lead Pgm
Site added to CERCLIS 08/10/1981  
Site added to database 04/27/1988   Michael Zollitsch SAS
EPA Basic Preliminary Assessment 07/13/1992 07/13/1992
PRELIMINARY ASSESSMENT EQUIVALENT 07/13/1992 07/13/1992 Kathleen Daugherty SAS
Site Screening recommended (EV) 02/08/1994 02/08/1994 Daniel Crouse SAS
No Further Remedial Action Planned under Federal program 11/09/1994 11/09/1994
SITE EVALUATION 04/21/1999 09/01/1999 Brian McClure SAS
Letter Agreement 08/31/1999 09/08/1999 Cliff Walkey VCS
REMEDIAL INVESTIGATION 03/20/2000 11/24/2000 Cliff Walkey VCS
PRELIMINARY ASSESSMENT EQUIVALENT 10/15/2009 04/16/2013 Kathleen Daugherty VCP
SITE INVESTIGATION 01/01/2012 03/19/2014 Kathleen Daugherty VCP
Partial No Further Action 04/16/2013 04/16/2013 David Anderson VCP
Partial No Further Action 03/19/2014 03/19/2014 Kathleen Daugherty VCP
SITE INVESTIGATION 03/21/2014   Alan Yankey VCP
SITE INVESTIGATION  (Primary Action) 11/08/2021   Alyssa Leidel

Key to Certain Acronyms and Terms in this Report:

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