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Environmental Cleanup Site Information (ECSI) Database Site Summary Full Report - Details for Site ID 155, Rhone-Poulenc - Doane Lake

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This report contains site details, organized into the following sections: 1) Site Photos (appears only if the site has photos); 2) General Site Information; 3) Site Characteristics; 4) Substance Contamination Information; 5) Investigative, Remedial and Administrative Actions; and 6) Site Environmental Controls (i.e., institutional or engineering controls; appears only if DEQ has applied one or more such controls to the site). A key to certain acronyms and terms used in the report appears at the bottom of the page.

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General Site Information

Site ID: 155 Site Name: Rhone-Poulenc - Doane Lake CERCLIS No: 990659492
Address: 6193 NW 61st Ave. Portland 97210
  County: Multnomah Region: Northwest
Other location information:
Investigation Status: Listed on CRL or Inventory
  Brownfield Site: No NPL Site: No Orphan Site: Yes Study Area: No
Property: Twnshp/Range/Sect: 1N , 1W , 13 Tax Lots: 31, 43
  Latitude: 45.5665 deg. Longitude: -122.7467 deg.  Site Size: 16.4 acres
Other Site Names:
  East Doane Lake
  Portland Harbor Sediment Study
  Rhone Poulenc Agricultural Co. (RPAC)
  Chipman Chemical Co.
  Rhone-Poulenc AG Co.
  Starlink Logistics Inc. (SLLI)
  Aventis Cropscience

Site Characteristics

General Site Description:
Site History:
Contamination Information: (10/15/1999 ELB/SRS) Chemicals formulated or manufactured at the Rhone-Poulenc (R-P) facility were released to the environment through a variety of means, including spills, leaks, and direct discharges. Prior to 1966, wastewater was discharged directly to Doane Lake. From 1966 until 1975, the wastewater was discharged to the Willamette River. After 1975, wastewater was discharged to the Portland sewer system. R-P began investigating contamination at the site in the early 1980s under DEQ oversight. In October 1983, R-P began pumping and treating contaminated groundwater at the site. In December 1989, R-P entered into a Consent Order with DEQ to conduct a Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study (RI/FS) at the site. R-P's progress on the investigation, however, was extremely slow. A workplan for conducting the RI/FS wasn't approved until May 1994, and to-date neither the RI/FS nor an associated Risk Assessment has been completed. (11/21/01 ELB/SRP) As a result of these delays, the 1989 order was terminated in February 1998. A new order was signed in July 1999.
Manner and Time of Release: Discharges of untreated wastes on-site and untreated process wastewater off-site to Doane Lake. Spills and on site waste disposal occured on the property and in Doane Lake. Time of release: 1950-1980.
Hazardous Substances/Waste Types: 2,4-D, 2,4,5-T, dioxins and furans, chlorobenzenes, phenolic compounds, creosols, trichloroethene, BTEX, lead, PCBs, herbicides, organochlorine pesticides, heavey metals and arsenic.
Pathways: The site is located in the Doane Lake Study Area (ECSI #36) and the Portland Harbor area (ECSI #2068). The Gould/NL Superfund site (ECSI #49) is adjacent. Surrounding land use is industrial. Groundwater on- and off-site is contaminated, as is surface water and sediment in North Doane Lake. Runoff, surface water, and groundwater discharge to the Willamette River. Groundwater dischrage to North Doane Lake. The Rhone-Poulenc facility was largely demolished in 1992, except for the administrative and storage buildings, foundation slabs, and the wastewater treatment system.
Environmental/Health Threats: Wastewater from the site was historically discharged to West Doane Lake and to the Willamette River. Surface soil, subsurface soil, and groundwater are all contaminated at the site and adjacent properties groundwater and soil. North Doane Lake sediment, fish, and surface water are all contaminated
Status of Investigative or Remedial Action: (10/15/1999 ELB/SRS) In December 1997, DEQ determined that removal of contaminated sediments from East Doane Lake was warranted, and directed R-P to prepare a removal workplan. R-P argued that a removal was unnecessary. DEQ decided that R-P's refusal to conduct the removal, coupled with lack of progress on the RI/FS, demonstrated that R-P was "unwilling" to investigate and clean up the site. DEQ terminated the Consent Order in February 1998 and declared the site an Orphan project in March 1998. DEQ completed the East Doane Lake sediment removal in November 1998, using funds from the Orphan Site Account. R-P will be expected to reimburse DEQ for the removal costs.

DEQ developed a RI workplan in 1999 for completion of the Remedial Investigation (RI). This workplan was attached to a new consent order for the site. Numerous subsequent work plans have been developed and implemented as part of the RI including: Final Groundwater Transport Evaluation Data Needs Report Field Sampling Plan (2/8/02), Remaining Remedial Investigation Work Plan (5/24/02), Draft North Doane Lake Field Sampling Plan (5/7/03), Final NAPL Evaluation Work Plan (5/7/03), Final Post-Characterization Groundwater Monitoring Plan (2/17/04), North Doane Lake Fish Reconnaissance Survey (7/19/04), Outfall 22B Camera Survey Results and Field Sampling Plan (8/16/04), Draft Lake Area Geophysical Survey Report and Intrusive Investigation Work Plan (12/6/04), Draft North Doane Lake Fish Tissue Sampling Work Plan (4/18/04), Final Lake Area Geophysical Survey Report and Intrusive Investigation Work Plan (5/3/05), West Doane Lake Treatability Study Work Plan (6/27/05), Final Stage 1 Source Control Evaluation Work Plan (10/31/05), Final Outfall 22B Interim Remedial Action Measure Work Plan (11/11/05), Draft Lake Area Bioremediation Pilot Study and Colloid Evaluation Work Plan (1/7/06), Winter 2006 Groundwater Monitoring Event Work Plan (6/28/06), Draft Expanded Lake Area Geophysical Survey Work Plan (3/27/06), Draft Lake Area Hydrologic Investigation Work Plan (5/126/06), Draft Summer 2006 Groundwater Monitoring Event Work Plan (6/28/06), Draft Stage 2 Source Control evaluation Work Plan (7/24/06), Draft Spring 2007 Groundwater Monitoring Event Work Plan (4/4/07), Draft Expanded Lake Area Intrusive Investigation Work Plan (8/2/07), Request for Approval, Deep Gravel Hydrogeologic Zone Pumping Test, North Front Avenue Interim Source Control Measure (4/1/08), West Doane Lake Phase 5 Treatability Study Work Plan (7/31/08), Work Plan Storm Sewer Camera Survey Associated with City of Portland Outfall 22B (10/1/08), Draft Outfall 22B Pre-Remedy Investigation Work Plan (4/3/09), Draft Outfall 22B Expanded Interim Remedial Action Measure Work Plan (5/1/09), Final West Doane Lake Interim Remedial Action Measure Work Plan (4/29/10).
Rhone Poulenc has implemented several interim remedial action measures (IRAM): Groundwater Extraction Treatment System (GETS) IRAM (mid 1980s) (shallow herbicide area groundwater extraction system), 1996 Insecticide Area IRAM (caped dust plant area soils), 2004 Facility Structures Assessment and IRAM (decommissioning of shallow infrastructure and capping of herbicide area soil), 2010 City Outfall 22B Expanded IRAM (lining of adjacent site and City storm sewer system), 2010 West Doane Lake IRAM (in-situ stabilization and solidification of West Doane Lake sediments).
Rhone Poulenc has submitted the following milestone documents: Revised North Doane Lake Level II Aquatic Ecological Risk Assessment (8/3/04), Final North Doane Lake Human Health Risk Assessment (6/8/10), Draft RI/SCE Report (11/19/2010), Draft-Revised Ecological Risk Assessment for North Doane Lake (3/21/11). Revised Final Human Health Risk Assessment (6/25/2012), DEQ Final Outfall 22B IRAM Perforamance Monitoring, Sampling and Analysis Plan (2/1/2005), DEQ Rhone-Poulenc Remedial Invetigation Report: Addendum to Nov 19, 2010 RI/SCE Report (4/1/2015), Revised Off-Property Screening Level Human Health Risk Assessment (3/1/2016), Thrid Revised Draft Feasiblity Study Work Plan-OU1 (6/2/2017), Draft 2018 Preliminary Hot Spot Evaluation (5/1/2018), FS Data Gaps Report (12/30/2018), Final Preliminary Hot Spot Memo (8/2020), Revised FS Data Gaps Report(10/1/2020)
Data Sources: 1) October 1983 Dames & Moore "Geohydrologic & Waste Management Investigation" 2) March 1991 Final RI/FS Work Plan. 3) Doane Lake Study Area files (ECSI #36). 4) SRS Project Manager files. 5) Stage 1 Source Control Evaluation Beach TM 6) Revised Final Historical Drainage Ditch and Lake Area Drainge Ditch, 7) RI/SCE Report 8) FS Data Gaps Report

Substance Contamination Information

Substance Media Contaminated Concentration Level Date Recorded
BENZENE Soil Up to 2.6 ppm 5/1/1991
D,2,4- Groundwater 364 ppm 1/1/1991
D,2,4- Soil 5670 ppm 1/1/1991
DB,2,4- Groundwater 532 ppm 1/1/1991
DB,2,4- Soil 394 ppm 1/1/1991
DICHLOROBENZENE,1,2- Groundwater 38.6 ppm 1/1/1991
DICHLOROBENZENE,1,2- Soil 14 ppm 1/1/1991
DICHLOROPHENOL,2,4- Groundwater 358 ppm 1/1/1991
DICHLOROPHENOL,2,4- Soil 2700 ppm  
DICHLOROPHENOL,2,6- Groundwater 57.6 ppm 1/1/1991
DICHLOROPHENOL,2,6- Soil 370 ppm  
DICHLOROPROP Groundwater 25 ppm 1/1/1991
DICHLOROPROP Soil 4.9 ppm 1/1/1991
ETHYLBENZENE Groundwater 84 ppm 1/1/1991
ETHYLBENZENE Soil 470 ppm 1/1/1991
MCPA Groundwater 111 ppm 1/1/1991
MCPA Soil 270 ppm 1/1/1991
METHYLENE CHLORIDE Groundwater 779 ppm 1/1/1991
METHYLENE CHLORIDE Soil 6.6 ppm 1/1/1991
PHENOLS Groundwater 46 ppm 1/1/1991
PHENOLS Soil 68 ppm 1/1/1991
T,2,4,5- Groundwater 23.2 ppm 1/1/1991
T,2,4,5- Soil 49.8 ppm 1/1/1991
TETRACHLORODIBENZO-p-DIOXIN,2,3,7,8- Groundwater 2.6 x 10 -3 ppm 1/1/1991
TETRACHLORODIBENZO-p-DIOXIN,2,3,7,8- Soil 8.8 x 10 -5 1/1/1991
TOLUENE Groundwater 4.9 ppm  
TOLUENE Soil 23 ppm 1/1/1991
TRICHLOROETHYLENE Groundwater 4.7 ppm 1/1/1991
TRICHLOROETHYLENE Soil 240 ppm 1/1/1991
TRICHLOROPHENOL,2,4,6- Groundwater 19.6 ppm 1/1/1991
TRICHLOROPHENOL,2,4,6- Soil 1000 ppm  
XYLENEs Groundwater 290 ppm 1/1/1991
XYLENEs Soil 2300 ppm 1/1/1991

Investigative, Remedial and Administrative Actions

Action Start Date Compl. Date Resp. Staff Lead Pgm
Site added to CERCLIS 08/01/1979  
EPA Basic Preliminary Assessment 08/01/1979 08/01/1979
EPA Screening Site Inspection 1 01/01/1982 01/01/1982
Site added to database 05/03/1988   Michael Rosen SAS
SITE EVALUATION 03/20/1989 03/22/1989 Sandy Anderson SRS
Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study recommended 03/22/1989 03/22/1989 Sandy Anderson SRS
NEGOTIATIONS 03/23/1989 12/26/1989 Sandy Anderson SRS
Consent Order 12/26/1989 12/26/1989 Sandy Anderson SRS
FEASIBILITY STUDY 12/27/1989 02/24/1998 Mavis Kent SRS
REMEDIAL INVESTIGATION 12/27/1989 02/24/1998 Mavis Kent SRS
Listing Review completed 08/09/1990 08/09/1990 Sandy Anderson SRS
Place on hold 08/10/1990 12/15/1993 Bruce Gilles SRS
EPA Site Inspection Prioritization 09/23/1993 09/23/1993
Proposal for Confirmed Release List recommended 12/15/1993 12/15/1993 Mavis Kent SRS
Proposal for Inventory recommended 12/15/1993 12/15/1993 Mavis Kent SRS
Facility proposed for Confirmed Release List 02/10/1994 02/10/1994 Mavis Kent SRS
Facility proposed for Inventory 02/10/1994 02/10/1994 Mavis Kent SRS
Owner/operator comments received on listing notification 03/21/1994 06/23/1994 SAS
Review for final listing 06/10/1994 06/23/1994 Mavis Kent SRS
Listing on Confirmed Release List recommended 06/23/1994 06/23/1994 Mavis Kent SRS
Listing on Inventory recommended 06/23/1994 06/23/1994 Mavis Kent SRS
Facility placed on Confirmed Release List 06/24/1994 06/24/1994 Heather Schijf SAS
Facility placed on Inventory 06/24/1994 06/24/1994 Heather Schijf SAS
Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study recommended 02/24/1998 02/24/1998 Mavis Kent SRS
Removal Action Recommended (RM) 03/09/1998 03/09/1998 Eric Blischke SRS
ORPHAN SITE 03/20/1998 07/08/1999 Eric Blischke SRS
NEGOTIATIONS 03/23/1998 07/08/1999 Eric Blischke SRS
REMOVAL 07/31/1998 11/30/1998 Eric Blischke SRS
REMOVAL 06/01/1999 07/08/1999 Eric Blischke SRS
Consent Order 07/08/1999 07/08/1999 Eric Blischke SRS
REMEDIAL INVESTIGATION  (Primary Action) 07/09/1999   David Lacey SRS

Key to Certain Acronyms and Terms in this Report:

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