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Environmental Cleanup Site Information (ECSI) Database Site Summary Report - Details for Site ID 5224, Troutdale Riverfront Redevelopment Site

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Environmental Cleanup Site Information (ECSI) Database Site Summary Report - Details for Site ID 5224, Troutdale Riverfront Redevelopment Site

Site Photos
Click to View Photo Picture Date Caption Size
View Photo 07/08/2019 View of final grade of CDU-8 following excavation (to three feet bgs) and backfill with clean fill material. 226 Kb
View Photo 07/08/2019 View of west side of Large Eastwind Warehouse showing abestos abatement best management practices. 223 Kb
View Photo 08/22/2013 Soil borings collected from the sheep pit burial area on the Eastwind parcel. 669 Kb
View Photo 08/22/2014 View of East Wind parcel looking south. Sheep waste area is to the left of the building. 54 Kb
View Photo 08/22/2014 View of City owned parcel looking north (former wastewater treatment plant) 629 Kb
View Photo 11/03/2015 Flyer for sheep waste removal action, planned for November, 2015. 55 Kb
View Photo 11/03/2015 Flyer for sheep material removal 172 Kb
View Photo 11/10/2018 View of excavated area of CDU-8, where elevated levels of carcinogenic polycylic aromatic hydrocarbons (cPHAs) were found. 194 Kb
View Photo 11/17/2015 View of sheep hides in excavation area. 110 Kb
View Photo 11/17/2015 View of sheep material removal and application of Rusmar foam odor suppressant. View facing south. 4525 Kb
View Photo 11/17/2015 View of black sand material at bottom of excavation cell. 6523 Kb
View Photo 11/18/2015 Photo of sheep hides from the 2nd day of excavation (11/17/2015) 118 Kb
View Photo 11/18/2015 Photo of excavation of sheep hides on the 2nd day of the removal (11/18/15). 132 Kb
View Photo 11/19/2015 Odor suppressing foam being applied to the excavation area (11/19/15). 2986 Kb
View Photo 12/08/2015 Final Excavation Area of Sheep Material Removal, December, 2015. 133 Kb

General Site Information

Site ID: 5224 Site Name: Troutdale Riverfront Redevelopment Site CERCLIS No:
Address: 302, 320, and 410 NW 257th Way Troutdale 97060
  County: Multnomah Region: Northwest
Other location information:
Investigation Status: Suspect site requiring further investigation
Brownfield Site: Yes NPL Site: No Orphan Site: No Study Area: No
Property: Twnshp/Range/Sect: 1N , 3E , 25 Tax Lots: 400, 500, 100, 600
  Latitude: 45.5423 deg. Longitude: -122.3847 deg.  Site Size: 19.57 acres
Other Site Names:
  East Wind Development LLC
  Bissinger Wool Pullery

Site Characteristics

General Site Description: The site is bound to the north by Interstate 84, to the south by a Union Pacific Railroad right-of-way, to the east by the Sandy River, and to the west by 257th Ave.

The property includes Troutdale's old wastewater treatment plant (tax lots R320520 400 and R320650 500), which was decommissioned in 2001; the property remains under city ownership. Eastwind Development, LLC owns tax lots R320485 100 and R320654 600 on the southeast portion of the proposed redevelopment area. The western part of the redevelopment area is also in private ownership as an outlet mall (Chelsea Financing Partnership LP).
Site History: In 1901, Union Meat Co. developed the southeastern parts of the property to process livestock, which included a rendering and glue plant. Union Meat Co. built two warehouses at that time, as well as two "oil houses" on the east side of the large warehouse building. Until about 1970, this property had a variety of uses, such as a cattle slaughterhouse, hide processing/tanning, and a wool pullery. These activities may have generated wastes containing chromium and volatile organic compounds.

A cabinet-making business operated on the current Eastwind property from the early 1970s until the late 1990s; it was likely to have used adhesives and resins, and incurred EPA hazardous waste violations in 1991-92 (details of violations not known). Gresham Fire and Emergency Services condemned the large warehouse building sometime prior to 2006.

Troutdale developed its old WWTP in 1969, and used it until 2001, when a new WWTP was built on a site north of Interstate 84. Facilites on this part of the property include a 1-million-gallon lined sludge lagoon (still present), and a 100,000-gallon unlined lagoon.
Contamination Information: (7/15/09 GMW/SAS) DEQ added this site to the ECSI database in July 2009, after the City of Troutdale requested agency input on managing environmental concerns associated with proposed site redevelopment. The city provided DEQ with a 2006 report on a sampling investigation and heating-oil tank (HOT) decommissioning.

Field work in 2006 consisted of: 1) installation of two test pits and soil sampling below the unlined sludge lagoon; 2) a geophysical survey north of the large warehouse; 3) removal of the 675-gallon HOT and associated soil sampling; and 4) installation of eight test pits and soil sampling north and east of the large warehouse. (Locations of the eight test pits were determined partly based on results of the geophysical survey.)

No contamination of concern was found beneath the former unlined lagoon or beneath the HOT after decommissioning. In the test pits sampled north and east of the large warehouse, the consultant found "black fibrous material" and "viscous sludge(s) and oily liquids of unknown origin or composition, with an extremely strong, undetermined odor that could be smelled several hundred feet away." In other test pits, there was trash, corroded/buried drums, wood and fiberboard debris, and "green rubbery material." Contaminants of concern found in soil from these test pits include petroleum hydrocarbons, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), phenol, and some chlorinated solvents such as chlorobenzenes, 1,1,1-trichloroethane (TCA), and perchloroethene (PCE) and breakdown products. Chromium was slightly elevated in some of the samples, but not at levels to suggest this is a contaminant of concern.

In May 2000 and again in August 2007, DEQ received complaints about Union Pacific Railroad having buried up to 30 five-gallon buckets of lead-based paint sludge, and other possible railroad-generated wastes. This disposal allegedly occurred in 1975 or 1976, in an 8-10 foot deep, 15-20 foot long trench excavated along the north side of the UPRR tracks, west of the Sandy River Bridge, and beyond the eastern end of a railroad access road that paralleled the tracks. The disposal trench was allegedly filled the same day it was excavated. DEQ has not investigated this complaint.

(4/20/15 RWA) Soil and groundwater samples were collected from the City-owned property (former wastewater treatment plant) and analyzed for petoleum, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and pesticides. All concentrations of contaminants were below applicable risk-based screening levels for current and future use.

The Eastwinds Development portion of the site is undergoing investigation using EPA brownfield funding. Results are pending.
Manner and Time of Release:
Hazardous Substances/Waste Types:
Pathways: (4/20/15, RWA) Future plans for the site include the development of a conference center, hotel and spa, and retail and commercial development that do not include residential use. Exposure pathways include:
Occupation worker, park user, construction and excavation worker.

As no ecological habitat will be created or enhanced as part of the redevelopment, ecological risk is only being considered for terrestrial ecological receptors along the bankline areas of the property. The groundwater to surface water pathway is being evaluated for the Eastwind Development portion of the site.
Environmental/Health Threats:
Status of Investigative or Remedial Action: (7/15/09 GMW/SAS) DEQ recommends additional sampling around the large warehouse, including possible disposal/burial areas east and north of this warehouse to the Sandy River. The complaint of railroad waste burial should also be investigated.

(10/21/09 GMW/SAS) EPA agreed to fund a Targeted Brownfield Assessment (TBA) at the site, and conducted a site visit on Oct. 7.

(7/10/2010 RWA) In July, 2010, EPA contractors conducted a sampling event that included the collection of groundwater, surface, and subsurface samples.

(7/2011 RWA) Troutdale Riverfront Redevelopment Site TBA report submitted to DEQ.

Eighty-six soil samples, including three groundwater samples, were collected and analyzed for total petroleum hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds, semi-volatile organic compounds, metals, pesticides and PCBs. The TBA focused predominantly on the Eastwind portion of the site with some samples collected from the city of Troutdale property. Although there were areas where screening levels for either human health or ecological receptors were exceeded, there does not appear to be an area-wide contamination issue.

The TBA report presents investigation data gaps and cleanup options with cost estimates. The following are outstanding data gaps/risk assessment issues associated with the site:

Human Health:
Surface Soil
Three surface soil samples were collected as part of the TBA. Levels of contaminants, predominantly arsenic, are present in soil at depths that exceed construction and excavation worker RBCs. Although none of the samples exceeded human health criteria in surface soil, additional characterization is warranted to determine site-wide risk.

Volatilization to Indoor and Outdoor Air
A portion of the Eastwind property was formerly used as an animal rendering facility. Boreholes and test pits completed as part of the TBA delineated the extent of buried animal waste to approximately 0.24 acres wide and 14 feet deep. A soil sample collected in the animal waste area showed naphthalene at 100 mg/kg, which exceeds the volatilization to outdoor air soil RBC for occupational use of 27 mg/kg. One other soil sample collected outside of the animal waste area showed levels of contaminants above the volatilization to outdoor air screening level. Therefore, additional characterization is warranted to determine the risk associated with contaminants present in sub-surface soils, specifically in the animal waste area.

Ecological Assessment:
Groundwater characterization
Due to the location of the site near the Sandy River and the levels of contaminants found in onsite groundwater samples (specifically metals and pesticides), additional groundwater characterization is needed to determine if the Sandy River may be impacted by onsite groundwater contamination. Additional characterization would include the installation of monitoring wells between the Sandy River and the upland portion of the properties.

Surface soil characterization
The three surface soil samples showed levels of contaminants above ecological screening levels. Additional characterization of surface soils is necessary to determine the risk to wildlife at the site.

The TBA report also noted a lack of sampling data for the southwest portion of the property near the Union Pacific Railroad lines. Access to the railroad portion of the site was limited at the time of the TBA and therefore no sampling was conducted.

It should be noted that that TBA report recommended removal of the animal waste to an appropriate disposal facility, additional groundwater characterization to determine if the Sandy River may be adversely impacted by the site, and additional characterization of site soils.

(8/2014, RWA) Additional surface soil sampling of the city-owned portion of the site (former wastewater treatment plant), tax lots R320520 400 and R320650 500, were performed in 2013 using Business Oregon funds. Applicable risk-based concentrations for the site include: park user, occupational, construction worker and excavation worker. As no ecological habitat will be created or enhanced as part of site redevelopment activities, screening for risk to terrestrial ecological receptors is not applicable.
Soil sampling was performed using incremental sampling methodology (ISM). Soil samples were below applicable RBCs for the city-owned property. A site closure report and NFA determination will be issued in spring, 2015 for the city-owned property.

Additional characterization of the Eastwind property was conducted in August 2014 using EPA Brownfield assessment grant funds. Soil samples were collected using ISM, and soil borings were collected from beneath the existing warehouse. Groundwater samples were also collected from the two monitoring wells on the site. A hazardous materials building survey was also performed.

An interim removal action is planned for the sheep pit waste area. Approximately 3,500 yd3 of sheep carcass/waste will be removed from the Eastwind property and disposed of at a putrescible waste landfill. The pit will be backfilled with soil received from the Parkrose Middle School site improvement project.
Data Sources: "Phase I Environmental Site Assessment, City of Troutdale & Eastwind Development, LLC, Parcels 410, 320 & 302 NW 257th Way/NE Harlow Road, Tax Lots 400, 500, 100 &600," Troutdale Oregon. Kleinfelder, Inc., January, 2006.

"Phase II Environmental Site Assessment Report, City of Troutdale WWTP Property and Eastwind Development, LLC Property, 410, 320, and 302 NW 257th Way, Troutdale Oregon," Kleinfelder, Inc., 5/12/06.

"Troutdale Riverfront Redevelopment Site, Targeted Brownfields Assessment, Troutdale, Oregon." Ecology and Environment, Inc., July, 2011.

Troutdale Riverfront Redevelopment Site
Troutdale, Oregon, AMEC Environment & Infrastructure, Inc.
November, 2012

Troutdale Riverfront Redevelopment Property
302 NW 257th Way, Troutdale, Oregon. AMEC Environment & Infrastructure, Inc.
July 3, 2014

Closure Report, Former Publicly Owned Wastewater Treatment Plan Property. AMEC, Foster, Wheeler, January, 2015.

Substance Contamination Information

Substance Media Contaminated Concentration Level Date Recorded
No information is available

Investigative, Remedial and Administrative Actions

Action Start Date Compl. Date Resp. Staff Lead Pgm
REMEDIAL ACTION  (Primary Action) 08/15/2018   Rebecca Wells-Albers VCP
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