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Environmental Cleanup Site Information (ECSI) Database Site Summary Report - Details for Site ID 216, Marion County Road Dept.

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Environmental Cleanup Site Information (ECSI) Database Site Summary Report - Details for Site ID 216, Marion County Road Dept.

General Site Information

Site ID: 216 Site Name: Marion County Road Dept. CERCLIS No: 089452437
Address: 5155 Silverton Rd. NE Brooks 97305
  County: Marion Region: Western
Other location information: From Hwy 99 in Salem take Silverton Rd East. Disposal pit is at end of the building nearest Cordon Rd.
Investigation Status: No further action required
Brownfield Site: No NPL Site: No Orphan Site: No Study Area: No
Property: Twnshp/Range/Sect: 7S , 2W , 8 Tax Lots: 300,400,1400,1500
  Latitude: 44.9739 deg. Longitude: -122.9553 deg.  Site Size: 15.5 acres
Other Site Names:
  Marion County Department of Public Works

Site Characteristics

General Site Description:
Site History:
Contamination Information: This abandoned paint cleaning pit was used by the Road Dept from 1978-1985 when it was filled with soils. During its use it was 4'X 4' X 5' long. County paint truck would be flushed out with traffic paint thinner containing toluene and methyl ethyl ketone. The flush solution would be placed in a 55-gal barrel in the pit until full. The barrel would be removed and replaced. The concerns at the pit relate to overspray, overtopping, and spillage. In May 1987, DEQ directed that soil samples be taken and a cleanup plan be developed based on the results. Toluene and methyl ethyl ketone were detected in samples at depths of 11.5'. The Road Dept. proposed to remove contaminated soils and stockpile it until a disposal decision could be made (9-9-87). No information in WR file as of 8-25-88 re final disposition.

Additional information located in RCRA Haz Wst Files. Based on the files, a Certification of Closure was issues for three areas: Paint Pit #1 (Designated Unit 1), Paint Pit #2 (Designated Unit 2), and Building #8 Drum Storage Area (Designated Unit 3).
Manner and Time of Release: Overtopping, overspray, and spillage of paint thinner during truck cleaning operations. Time of release: unknown
Hazardous Substances/Waste Types: paint wastes
Environmental/Health Threats:
Status of Investigative or Remedial Action: Soil sampling; Road Dept proposed soil removal. No info in file about final cleanup.

Based on a July 11, 2000 letter from DEQ to the source, Paint Pits #s 1 and 2 were certified clean. There were no detailed reports outling tasks completes, contaminant concentrations, or other status of cleanup. (jja 10-18-04)
Data Sources:

Substance Contamination Information

Substance Media Contaminated Concentration Level Date Recorded
TOLUENE Soil 200 ppm  

Investigative, Remedial and Administrative Actions

Action Start Date Compl. Date Resp. Staff Lead Pgm
NO FURTHER STATE ACTION REQUIRED  (Primary Action) 07/11/2000 07/11/2000 Jon Arendt SRS
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Key to Certain Acronyms and Terms in this Report:

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