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Environmental Cleanup Site Information (ECSI) Database Site Summary Report - Details for Site ID 1036, Owens Corning - Linnton

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This report contains site details, organized into the following sections: 1) Site Photos (appears only if the site has photos); 2) General Site Information; 3) Site Characteristics; 4) Substance Contamination Information; 5) Investigative, Remedial and Administrative Actions; and 6) Site Environmental Controls (i.e., institutional or engineering controls; appears only if DEQ has applied one or more such controls to the site).  A key to certain acronyms and terms used in the report appears at the bottom of the page.

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Environmental Cleanup Site Information (ECSI) Database Site Summary Report - Details for Site ID 1036, Owens Corning - Linnton

General Site Information

Site ID: 1036 Site Name: Owens Corning - Linnton CERCLIS No:
Address: 11444 NW St. Helens Rd. Portland 97231
  County: Multnomah Region: Northwest
Other location information:
Investigation Status: Suspect site requiring further investigation
Brownfield Site: No NPL Site: No Orphan Site: No Study Area: No
Property: Twnshp/Range/Sect: 2N , 1W , 34 Tax Lots: 6
  Latitude: 45.6085 deg. Longitude: -122.7903 deg.  Site Size: 43 acres
Other Site Names:
  Linnton Planing Mill
  Paramount Petroleum
  Portland Harbor Sediment Study
  Trumbull Asphalt
  Rivergate Timber Co.

Site Characteristics

General Site Description:
Site History:
Contamination Information: (9/21/91 ALB/SAS) The site has been used for different operations, including a wholesale lumber yard, a wood-treating facility, and most recently a planing mill. In 1989, a prospective purchaser hired Century West Engineering to investigate the site. Century West found stained soils, uncharacterized drums, and a gasoline UST. Investigations continued into 1990. The underground tank was removed, and petroleum contaminated soils were aerated on-site. (See LUST Log #26-90-0006 for more information). A monitoring well installed upgradient of the tank excavation showed petroleum in groundwater, including up to 150 ppb benzene. The contamination was believed to originate from the adjacent GATX facility. (See ECSI #1096 for more information.) The stained soils and wood-treating areas had high levels of TPH and moderate levels of metals and PCP, but the contamination was spatially limited. (The drums were apparently removed by the site owner, Owens-Corning Fiberglass.) (6/15/99 JMW/SAP) Weston sampling results from the Portland Habor Sediment Study revealed arsenic, thallium, dioctylphthalates, DDT, PAHs, and methylnaphthalene in river sediments adjacent to the site.
Manner and Time of Release: Leaking underground storage tank; past practices; possible contaminant migration from off-site source. Time of releases: unknown.
Hazardous Substances/Waste Types: Pentachlorophenol, petroleum hydrocarbons, metals. In adjacent Willamette River sediments: dioctylphthalate, thallium, DDT, PAHs, arsenic and methylnaphthalene.
Pathways: The site is adjacent to the Willamette River. Soils are mostly silt, with some discontinuous sand and/or gravel layers. Shallow groundwater is about 19 feet bgs. No drinking water wells are within one mile of the site. Forest Park is less than 0.25 mile west. The majority of the site is covered by grasses and weeds. The site is not fenced, and is occasionally occupied by transients.
Environmental/Health Threats:
Status of Investigative or Remedial Action: (9/21/91 ALB/SAS) DEQ completed a Preliminary Assessment at the site in September 1991. Groundwater contamination was confined to one monitoring well, and the level of contamination rapidly dropped over time. The leaking underground storage tank was remediated to DEQ's satisfaction, and the remaining soil contamination (TPH and wood-treating substances) is not a concern due to limited targets. No further action is necessary at this site at this time. (6/15/99 JMW/SAP) Based on initial sampling results from a river sediment quality study, the Owens Corning property has been identified as a potential source of contamination to the Portland Harbor. A Site Assessment Review Notice was sent February 11, 1999. Response from Owens Corning was received from April 23, 1999. A site screening is scheduled (level II priority). (8/17/99 TBG/SAP) Strategy Recommendation for an Expanded Preliminary Assessment to evaluate link between site activities and sediment contamination. (12/6/99 JMW/SAP) Voluntary Letter Agreement signed 10/18/99. (9/20/00 TBG/VCP) Preliminary Assessment submitted in April 2000, with subsurface sampling conducted in August 2000 and February 2001. (11/20/01 TBG/VCP) XPA sampling results were submitted in March 2001, and showed two locations with elevated surface soil concentrations of petroleum constituents. These areas were re-sampled in October 2001 to evaluate potential contaminant migration to the Willamette River. (10/30/02 TBG/VCP) A March 2002 report showed some elevated petroleum constituents in surface soil, but no complete pathway to the Willamette River. No source control measures are necessary at this time, although recent greenway improvement to the riverbank should be maintained to manage surface runoff to the river.

(10/5/2015 Liverman) The site submitted a stormwater source control evaluation report in 2010. In 2014, DEQ reconnected with the site to complete assessment and control of the stormwater pathway to Portland Harbor. Additional work was approved in 2014 and the site submitted an addendum to the stormwater SCE in May 2015.

(8/30/2016 Liverman) DEQ Issued a final Source COntrol Decision for the site on Aug 30, 2016.
Data Sources: 1) June 1990 SRH "Supplemental Environmental Site Characterization Report". 2) August 1990 Century West "Report of Findings". 3) October 1990 SRH "Report on Site Investigation and Cleanup Activities". 4) June 1991 SRH "Summary Report: Quarterly Groundwater Monitoring". 5) August 1991 SRH "Summary Report: Quarterly Groundwater Monitoring". 6) September 1991 DEQ "Preliminary Assessment". 7) January 1992 SEACOR "Status Report on Quarterly Groundwater Monitoring". 8) July 1992 SEACOR "Status Report on Quarterly Groundwater Monitoring". 9) LUST Log #26-90-0006. 10) GATX site file [ECSI #1096]. 11) Correspondence FROM owner and/or operator. 12) Laboratory results. 13) EPA. 1997. Portland Harbor Sediment Investigation Report.

Substance Contamination Information

Substance Media Contaminated Concentration Level Date Recorded
ARSENIC Soil up to 46.2 ppm 1/4/1990
CHROMIUM Soil up to 21.3 ppm 1/4/1990
COPPER Soil up to 547 ppm 1/4/1990
PENTACHLOROPHENOL Soil up to 2.7 ppm 1/4/1990
PETROLEUM HYDROCARBONS Sediment 2,522 ppb 6/1/1997
PETROLEUM HYDROCARBONS Soil up to 28,059 ppm 1/4/1990

Investigative, Remedial and Administrative Actions

Action Start Date Compl. Date Resp. Staff Lead Pgm
Source Control Decision  (Primary Action) 08/30/2016 09/27/2016 Lara Liverman VCP
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Key to Certain Acronyms and Terms in this Report:

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