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To find an Oregon E-Cycles collection site near you, enter your address and city or zip code.

City or zip code is required.

If your television, computer, monitor, or printer is in working condition, consider reuse, repair and donation. There's more to being environmentally friendly and sustainable than recycling, aka e-cycling, your electronics. Take these steps to further reduce the environmental impacts associated with the electronics you use in your daily life. Reuse, repair and donation options

You may also call the Oregon E-Cycles Hotline to find a collection site: 1-888-532-9253

Oregon E-Cycles collection sites provide FREE recycling of computers, monitors, printers, televisions and peripherals (keyboards and mice) to anyone bringing seven or fewer items for recycling at one time.

Participating collection sites may also take other electronics that are NOT covered under Oregon E-Cycles, and may charge a fee to recycle them. Please contact the collection site for more information.

It is recommended that you contact the facility first if you are bringing in large and/or heavy devices.

Some sites may offer pickup service for your old electronics. Call to find out if they offer the service.

REMEMBER: Oregon residents and businesses can no longer put computers, monitors and TVs in the garbage, or take them to a transfer station or landfill to be thrown away. They must be recycled.

Click here for additional information about recycling your electronics.