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[01/25/2023 VCP/FL]: DEQ determined in a 2020 Source Control Decision that PCB contamination in soils adjacent to this building no longer have a pathway to the river at this site; however, park users may be exposed to PCBs at levels that exceed DEQ's soil occupational risk-based concentrations.

To address this remaining soil contamination, DEQ is actively engaging property owners and operators to further investigate PCB contamination that were detected in surface soils along the North Bradford Street Right-of-Way. Please see ECSI# 6480 PCB Areawide N. Bradford St. right-of-way for more information.

(Sep 2020 Liverman) DEQ received a Source Control Evaluation report in May 2020, which described completion of rerouting of roof drainage to discharge directly to underground conveyances to City of Portland outfall 52. DEQ proposed a source control decision in July 2020 and considered comments received in finalizing the decision on Sep 8, 2020. EPA issued a letter concurring with the decision on Sep 16, 2020.

(04/2013 Liverman) The site consists of a large building built out to the tax lot lines and a small amount of paved area along unimproved Bradford Street/Union Pacific Railroad corridor. Approximately 98% of stormwater from the site runs off from an enamel painted roof, through downspouts to grass or pavement, where it infiltrates or eventually flows to City of Portland catchbasins that are piped to discharge to the Willamette River. Wipe samples of potential PCB areas in the interior of the building did not detect PCBs and site operations are not exposed to stormwater. The site maintains a No Exposure Certification under the NPDES 1200Z permit, as implemented by the City of Portland as DEQ's agent.
A significant amount of ponding of discharged stormwater occurs seasonally along the railroad tracks and back portion of the site. Surface soils in these areas (owned by on City of Portland Parks, Union pacific Railroad, and Peninsula Iron Works) were sampled and analyzed by the City of Portland for PCBs, which were detected at concentrations ranging from 54 µg/kg to 21,700 µg/kg. Stormwater solids in catch basins, manholes and conveyance lines also contain PCBs at concentrations ranging from 11 µg/kg to 8,160 µg/kg. To prevent this contamination from being mobilized to the river via the stormwater conveyance system, DEQ requested the site to reroute stormwater from its roof to reduce ponding around the railroad tracks and prevent contact of stormwater with contaminated soils. Some repaving was also considered.

While PCB contamination in soils adjacent to the site will no longer have a pathway to the river, park users may be exposed to PCBs at levels that exceed DEQ's soil occupational risk-based concentrations. Therefore, soil remediation is warranted and DEQ anticipates participation by Peninsula Iron Works, City of Portland, Union Pacific Railroad and other adjacent property owners, as needed.
General Site Information
Site: Peninsula Iron Works (ECSI Site ID: 5686) CERCLIS (EPA) Id
Project Manager: Lara Liverman Investigative Status:Contamination Suspected
PM Phone: (503) 229-5080 NPL(National Priority Listing):No
Address: 6618 N Alta Ave. Is this site an Orphan?No
Portland, 97203 Is this site a brownfield?No
County: MULTNOMAH Action Underway or Needed: Source Control Decision
Region: Northwest Region Click for more details ...  
Site Documents
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File NameCategory File Size MB Document Date Upload Date
DEQ-Qualitative_Risk_Eval_CathedralPak-Aug6-2012.pdf Correspondence 2.2069 8/6/2012 6/12/2020
Request for Site Assessment CoP.pdf Correspondence 7.6402 12/13/2011 6/15/2020
EPA concurrence Letter on Peninsula Iron Works_Final SCD.pdf Correspondence 0.1903 9/16/2020 9/17/2020
CitySourceControlMemo-Mar16-2012.pdf Memos 3.6821 3/16/2012 6/15/2020
20207908-5686-Peninsula_Iron_Works-Final_SCD.pdf Memos 4.8698 9/8/2020 9/8/2020
20200916-5686-Peninsula_Iron_Works-EPA_Review-Final_SCD_(EPA).pdf Memos 0.1903 9/16/2020 9/16/2020
Creekside Ltr to DEQ Rev 1.0 - PIW Nov 2012.pdf Reports 2.3759 11/28/2012 5/13/2020
Peninsula_Iron_Source_Control_Evaluation_Report_FinalRevised05-19-2020.pdf Reports 5.3316 5/19/2020 5/19/2020
PeninsulaIronSCDwFigsTablesSep2020.pdf Signed NFA letters 4.8917 9/8/2020 9/8/2020
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