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The 27-acre site, now vacant, is located at approximately river mile 6.8 (east) bordering the Portland Harbor Superfund site. With approximately 3,000 feet of river shoreline, the site was used extensively for industrial activity from the early 1900s to 1970s, including a cooperage, lumber mill, and dry dock activities. Significant over-water activity occurred. METRO, a tri-county governmental agency, currently owns the property. Extensive environmental investigation has been completed at the site including surface and subsurface soil, groundwater, and sediment in adjoining river sediment. Contaminants including dioxins, PCBs, metals, and petroleum hydrocarbons have been detected, most notably in upland soil and river sediment. In addition to remedial investigation work, both human and ecological risk assessments have been completed (2014); a feasibility study was begun in 2014 to identify cleanup activities for the upland site that would eliminate risk to human health or the environment. This work is continuing. Remedies under consideration include soil removal and capping. A plan for removal of highly-concentrated contaminanted soil in the upland property has been approved by DEQ, with removal slated for June or July 2015 pending permit approval from the City of Portland. Removal would focus on elevated dioxins, but also address metals and PCBs. Excavated soil will be transferred to covered trucks and transported to a solid waste landfill. Measures will be taken during removal to ensure that off-site transport of contaminated soil does not impact local neighborhoods. Removal work was completed in 2016. An updated upland feasibility study and source control evaluation was submitted to DEQ in October 2017 and is currently under review. At this time, environmental work in the site upland is being overseen by DEQ under the Northwest Region Cleanup Program located in Portland. Actions to address in-water contamination (Willamette River) adjacent to the site are being overseen by EPA Region 10 (Seattle) and will be implemented after remedy selection is completed for the Portland Harbor Superfund site. Both DEQ and the Oregon Health Authority have advised persons to not enter the site for recreational or other purposes given the presence of soil and sediment (river) contamination.
General Site Information
Site: Willamette Cove (ECSI Site ID: 2066) CERCLIS (EPA) Id
Project Manager: Daniel Hafley Investigative Status:Listed on the Confirmed Release List or Inventory
PM Phone: (503) 229-5417 NPL(National Priority Listing):No
Address: Foot of N Edgewater St. Is this site an Orphan?No
Portland, 97203 Is this site a brownfield?No
County: MULTNOMAH Action Underway or Needed: FEASIBILITY STUDY
Region: Northwest Region Click for more details ...  
NOTE: This site has one or more long-term controls designed to manage site risks. Click here for details.

Site Documents
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File NameCategory File Size MB Document Date Upload Date
Upland FS and SCE Comments January 24 2017.pdf Correspondence 0.4196 1/24/2018 1/24/2018
EPA Comments on 2017 FS and SCE.pdf Correspondence 0.0577 1/24/2018 1/24/2018
Metro Comments on 2017 FS and SCE.pdf Correspondence 0.9745 1/24/2018 1/24/2018
Fact Sheet - June 2016.pdf Fact Sheets 0.3134 6/20/2016 6/22/2016
Willamette Cove Status Update_ 2018_Fact Sheet.pdf Fact Sheets 0.1042 7/9/2018 7/9/2018
DEQ Response to WP Mods. Will. Cove 0508.pdf Miscellaneous 0.1567 6/5/2008
DEQ Approval Will Cove WP Addendum 0608.pdf Miscellaneous 0.0772 6/10/2008
2000 RI and SC Agreement.pdf Orders/Consent Judgments 2.2879 11/3/2000 1/5/2018
Willamette Cove Health Consultation (OHA - April 13).pdf Reports 2.8369 4/15/2013
Willamette Cove Feasibility Study (October 2014) - text and tbls.pdf Reports 2.5415 10/14/2014 4/3/2015
Anadromous fisheries near McCormick-Baxter Portland (NOAA, 1992).pdf Reports 0.4936 6/2/1992 6/16/2016
Willamette Cove Combined FS and SCE.pdf Reports 11.5536 9/18/2017 10/31/2017
1056-02 WC 2010 Sampling Letter.pdf Reports 4.7187 5/6/2011 12/26/2017
Willamette Cove Removal Action Completion Report_Part1.pdf Reports 10.4814 5/27/2016 5/16/2018
Willamette Cove Removal Action Completion Report_Part2.pdf Reports 10.3175 5/27/2016 5/16/2018
Willamette Cove Removal Action Completion Report_Part3.pdf Reports 7.3235 5/27/2016 5/16/2018
Areal Photo - Site Layout.pdf Site Diagrams 0.8218 2/20/2015 2/20/2015
Historical Aerial Photo - 1939.pdf Site Diagrams 2.5698 2/20/2015 2/20/2015
Willamette Cove strategy recommendation (Jul. 97 draft).pdf Strategy Recommendations 0.0462 7/24/1997 3/24/2016
willamette cove - removal action work plan.pdf Work Plans 3.1466 6/4/2008
FINAL POP W-Cove Work Plan Addendum.pdf Work Plans 3.1731 6/5/2008
1056-05 Revised Willamette Cove RA Eng Design Report.pdf Work Plans 3.5725 2/27/2015 3/6/2015
1056-05 Revised Willamette Cove RD-RA Specs and Drawings.pdf Work Plans 6.6564 2/27/2015 3/6/2015
Upland Removal - Final Design Report May 2015.pdf Work Plans 3.3040 5/18/2015 5/19/2015
Upland Removal - Contractor Specifications March 2015.pdf Work Plans 4.1280 3/31/2015 5/19/2015

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Appying metals stabilization chemical to surficial soils, Willamette Cove east parcel uplands. June 2008
Uplands metal fixation of shallow soils prior to offsite disposal. June 2008
High Water at Willamette Cove June 2008
Low water at Willamette Cove Sept. 2009
Stern of sunken steel barge. Central parcel. Sept 2009
Willamette Cove upper beach excavation to evaluate upland contaminant sources to river. Sept. 2010.
Rebar and waste metal in beach excavation. Sept. 2010
Sheen on groundwater beneath upper beach, central Willamette Cove beach. Sept. 2010
Willamette Cove beach following trenching investigation work. Sept 2010
Concrete debris on slope above mean high water line, Willamette Cove Beach. Sept 2010
Metal removed from beach trench. Willamette Cove Sept 2010
Railroad bridge on Willamette River from Willamette Cove site. Sept. 2010
Excavator trenching upper beach. Willamette Cove. Sept 2010
Sheen in water at Willamette Cove beach downslope of beach trench investigation area. Sept 2009
Sunken steel barge on steep riverbank of former dry dock area. Sept 2009
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