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Summary Information
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The Astoria Marine Construction Company, or AMCCO, site is located along the Lewis and Clark River near Astoria, Oregon. In 2012 EPA deferred a Superfund listing of AMCCO with the condition that DEQ lead the remedial investigation and cleanup. The site and adjacent river sediments are contaminated with tributyltin and heavy metals from ship refurbishing operations since 1926. AMCCO completed a Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study in May 2015 and presented the results, along with a draft feasibility study, to DEQ and the Community Advisory Group. The Feasibility Study proposed cleanup options requiring curtailment of the site’s current shipyard activities. DEQ advised the company that options presented in the feasibility study fail to meet criteria regarding current and future uses of the site, and requested AMCCO to develop a long-term business plan to ensure the shipyard selects appropriate cleanup options that comply with DEQ cleanup standards. During 2016, DEQ continued coordination with tribal representatives and the CAG to get their review and input on the Staff Report (DEQ proposed plan) for the remedy at this cleanup site.

DEQ issued the Record of Decision (ROD) for the cleanup remedy in February 2017, which incorporates comments provided by Tribal governments and the community of Astoria. DEQ coordinates with natural resource trustees including Federal, State, and representatives from four Tribes. Restoration could occur as early as next summer and remedy implementation in 2019. DEQ will continue to communicate with trustees and the community on project milestones, and to ensure concerns are considered during remedy design and construction.

In October 2018, DEQ sought public comment on its proposed agreement to clean up historical contamination at Astoria Marine Construction Company, or AMCCO. Under the agreement, AMCCO will implement the cleanup remedy identified in DEQ’s 2017 Record of Decision and will be released from further liability. DEQ will perform maintenance of the in-water area, using DEQ orphan program funds, after the cleanup remedy is implemented. The cleanup consent judgement (filed March 21, 2019) and site factsheet can be downloaded from the document links below.

In early 2020, Astoria Marine Construction Company started demolishing activities of onsite buildings/structures in preparation of performing the selected cleanup in in the Summer. Upland cleanup activities began in June and in-water cleanup in July. The majority of the cleanup has been completed as of November 2020; however, the north yard cap and additional stormwater upgrades will be completed in Summer 2021.
General Site Information
Site: Astoria Marine Construction Co. (ECSI Site ID: 1898) CERCLIS (EPA) Id0002392793
Project Manager: Erin McDonnell Investigative Status:Listed on the Confirmed Release List or Inventory
PM Phone: (503) 229-6900 NPL(National Priority Listing):No
Address: 92134 Front Rd. Is this site an Orphan?Yes
Astoria, 97103 Is this site a brownfield?No
County: CLATSOP Action Underway or Needed: REMEDIAL ACTION
Region: Northwest Region Click for more details ...  
Site Documents
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File NameCategory File Size MB Document Date Upload Date
AMCCO_Factsheet_Oct2018.pdf Fact Sheets 0.1955 9/27/2018 9/27/2018
Astoria Marine Construction Company Orphan Declaration Memo.pdf Memos 3.3605 1/16/2019 1/16/2019
AMCCO_Community Involvement Plan_April2012.pdf Miscellaneous 0.0962 4/1/2012 9/27/2018
AMCCO_EPA Sampling LocationMap_2008.pdf Miscellaneous 0.5832 1/1/2008 9/27/2018
AMCCO_EPA Sampling Results.pdf Miscellaneous 3.1584 1/1/2008 9/27/2018
AMCCO_Location Map.pdf Miscellaneous 0.7194 8/1/2008 9/27/2018
AMCCO_Photo_1948.pdf Miscellaneous 0.6088 8/1/2008 9/27/2018
AMCCO_Photo_2005.pdf Miscellaneous 0.1377 8/1/2008 9/27/2018
AMCCO_Deferral Criteria NPL_Oct2011.pdf Miscellaneous 0.6610 10/26/2011 9/27/2018
AMCCO_Deferral Agreement_Oct2012.pdf Miscellaneous 3.9980 9/10/2012 9/27/2018
AMCCO_Consent Order [LQSR-NWR-12-10]_Oct2012.pdf Orders/Consent Judgments 0.5215 9/10/2012 9/27/2018
AMCCO_RDRA Consent Judgment (filed 032119).pdf Orders/Consent Judgments 3.1852 3/21/2019 3/25/2019
AMCCO_Economic Analysis Report_Feb2016.pdf Reports 1.0188 2/26/2016 9/27/2018
AMCCO_Remedial Investigation Report_May2015.pdf Reports 20.5292 5/1/2015 9/27/2018
AMCCO_RI Appendix B_Screening Level Risk Assessment.pdf Reports 21.5752 5/1/2015 9/27/2018
AMCCO_RI Appendix C_Baseline Risk Assessment.pdf Reports 6.7102 5/1/2015 9/27/2018
AMCCO_Supplemental RI_July2016.pdf Reports 18.5486 7/14/2016 9/27/2018
AMCCO_EPA Site Inspection Report_June2010.pdf Reports 2.7604 6/1/2010 9/27/2018
AMCCO_RI Summary_May2015 .pdf Reports 2.4546 5/1/2015 9/27/2018
AMCCO Feasibility Study_031819.pdf Reports 8.9024 3/18/2019 5/2/2019
AMCCO_Final Design Report_052720.pdf Reports 3.0919 5/27/2020 6/12/2020
AMCCO_Record of Decision_Feb2017.pdf RODs/Staff Reports 10.1665 2/1/2017 9/27/2018
AMCCO_Supplemental RI_July2016.pdf Strategy Recommendations 18.5486 3/4/1997 9/27/2018
AMCCO_RDRA Draft Work Plan_032219.pdf Work Plans 3.5438 3/22/2019 3/25/2019
Site Links
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DEQ web page on AMCC Under an agreement signed with U.S. EPA, DEQ is overseeing remediation at this site, with details on this page.

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Aerial photo of AMCCO facility estimated taken in 1950's.
View taken facing north up towards shipway.
Conical contaminant waste pile below hole in the floor of workshop above.
Ship rails used to pull boats from the water for maintenance/repair
Ship rail docks with new ramp.
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