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Summary Information
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On the Tektronix Beaverton Campus within Evaluation Area 1, DEQ issued a Record of Decision (ROD) for cleanup in 2009 selecting in-situ thermal remediation for volatile organic compound (VOC) source areas and monitored natural attenuation of groundwater outside source areas. More recent groundwater data has shown VOCs in the source area at Beaverton Creek have significantly declined and no longer require treatment but subject to monitoring. Results from a supplementary groundwater investigation completed in 2013 at the Building 38 source area indicate treatment may be necessary but bioremediation would be more suitable. DEQ will determine appropriate action will be after additional data collection and groundwater monitoring of recently installed wells. A supplementary investigation was also completed in the former Building 40 source area in 2014 and 2015, resulting in a refined treatment area.

A pilot test using in-situ thermal remediation was completed in 2012 and proven a viable treatment technology for high concentration areas. However, given significant increases in cost to treat the remaining source area(s), DEQ agrees Tektronix can pursue enhanced bioremediation technology as a cost-effective alternative. Approval of this treatment alternative is subject to conditions agreed upon by DEQ and Tektronix. DEQ’s memorandum, "Explanation of Significant Differences", dated August 2015, documents DEQ's determination that modifications to the remedy are acceptable based on more recent information/data. Tektronix conducted bioremediation injection activities in 2016-2018. Performance monitoring results will determine the need for additional substrate injection.

Within the remaining Evaluation Areas, 2 through 6, Tektronix has completed several phases of investigation to evaluate whether any unacceptable risk is present on this portion of the site. A Human Health Risk Assessment Report was completed in August 2013, which DEQ concurred with the findings. A final Remedial Investigation report for EA2-6 was submitted in 2017.
General Site Information
Site: Tektronix Inc. - Beaverton Campus (ECSI Site ID: 167) CERCLIS (EPA) Id009020231
Project Manager: Erin McDonnell Investigative Status:Listed on the Confirmed Release List or Inventory
PM Phone: (503) 229-6900 NPL(National Priority Listing):No
Address: 14150 SW Karl Braun Dr. Is this site an Orphan?No
Beaverton, 97005 Is this site a brownfield?Yes
County: WASHINGTON Action Underway or Needed: REMEDIAL ACTION
Region: Northwest Region Click for more details ...  
Site Documents
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File NameCategory File Size MB Document Date Upload Date
AOC_DEQ No ECSR-NWR-01-13.pdf Miscellaneous 2.0550 5/10/2012
Tektronix_ORD00009020231_20101201_ltr.pdf Miscellaneous 0.2117 5/10/2012
Tektronix20160928PERMIT.pdf Miscellaneous 14.6608 9/28/2016 2/16/2021
Tektronix Westpark PPA (Baseline Station), Aug. 08.pdf PPAs 0.7444 9/23/2014
Building38_Add'l Investigation_052413.pdf Reports 5.5859 9/23/2014
Building40_Add'l Investigation_042414.pdf Reports 4.6178 9/23/2014
Tektronix EA1_Bank Soil Study_020211.pdf Reports 0.4689 11/4/2014
Tektronix EA1_Sediment Technical Memo_110807.pdf Reports 4.6823 11/4/2014
Tektronix EA1_Bank Soil Technical Memo_072910.pdf Reports 0.5010 11/4/2014
Tektronix EA1_Pilot Test Completion Report_1-4-13.pdf Reports 5.1928 1/4/2013 9/13/2017
Tektronix_2009 Annual GW Monitoring Report_012210.pdf Reports 4.7998 1/22/2010 5/24/2018
TektronixEA1_2011 (Baseline) MNA Report_052512.pdf Reports 11.0535 5/25/2012 5/24/2018
TektronixEA1_2012 MNA Report_021313.pdf Reports 7.4544 2/13/2013 5/24/2018
TektronixEA1_2013 MNA Report_021314.pdf Reports 7.6366 2/13/2014 5/24/2018
TektronixEA1_2014 MNA Annual Report_032515.pdf Reports 7.7687 3/25/2015 5/24/2018
TektronixEA1_2015 MNA Annual Report_040516.pdf Reports 6.7122 4/5/2016 5/24/2018
TektronixEA1_2016 Annual Report (no appendices)_053017.pdf Reports 14.0555 5/30/2017 5/24/2018
TektronixEA1_2017 Annual Report (no appendix B)_052318.pdf Reports 13.9381 5/23/2018 5/24/2018
TektronixEA1_2018 Annual Report (no appendices)_080119.pdf Reports 14.5214 8/1/2019 9/16/2019
TektronixEA1_2019 Annual Report (no appendices)_091120.pdf Reports 10.8040 9/11/2020 9/16/2020
TektronixEA1_2019 Annual Report (appendices only)_091120.pdf Reports 13.9545 9/11/2020 9/16/2020
Tektronix EA2-6_Remedial Investigation and Risk Assessment_011617.pdf Reports 18.1567 1/16/2017 1/5/2021
Tektronix EA1_Remedial Investigation - Part1_032707.pdf Reports 17.9334 3/27/2007 1/5/2021
Tektronix EA1_Remedial Investigation - Part2_032707.pdf Reports 24.7742 3/27/2017 1/5/2021
TektronixEA1_2020 Annual Report_071221.pdf Reports 18.1386 7/12/2021 9/28/2021
Building02_Closure Memo (Text).pdf RODs/Staff Reports 0.1781 9/23/2014
Building02_Closure Memo (Attachments).pdf RODs/Staff Reports 6.8247 9/23/2014
WestPark Deep GW Closure Memo.pdf RODs/Staff Reports 0.1106 3/8/2007 5/1/2015
WestPark Soil Closure Memo.pdf RODs/Staff Reports 0.0967 6/17/2003 5/1/2015
TektronixEA1_ESD_080615.pdf RODs/Staff Reports 0.0788 8/6/2015 8/7/2015
TektronixEA_ESD_Figures1-5.pdf RODs/Staff Reports 3.8525 8/6/2015 8/7/2015
Tektronix ROD EA1 7-09.pdf RODs/Staff Reports 4.9714 7/11/2009 9/13/2017
Building02_NFA Letter_092214.pdf Signed NFA letters 0.1527 9/23/2014
WestPark Deep GW NFA Letter 042707.pdf Signed NFA letters 1.1142 4/27/2007 5/1/2015
WestPark_Soil NFA Letter_082603.pdf Signed NFA letters 0.1525 8/26/2003 5/14/2018
TektronixEA1_BioWP Addendum No1_091616.pdf Work Plans 2.3501 9/16/2016 6/2/2017
TektronixEA1_BioWP Addendum No2_060117.pdf Work Plans 4.3918 6/1/2017 6/2/2017
TektronixEA1_PMCP EISB-MNA_051717.pdf Work Plans 7.8631 5/17/2017 6/2/2017
Tektronix EA1_DataGapsRpt and BioRemed.WorkPlan.pdf Work Plans 7.5508 2/22/2016 9/13/2017
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