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(11/25/2019 KRT) Groundwater monitoring, groundwater extraction and treatment from select recovery wells, injection of biostimulation reagents, abandonment of uneeded monitoring wells typically in off-site locations, and coordination with East Multnomah County (ECSI 1479) groundwater remediation project, continues in 2019. The property north of the Boeing entrance, north of Sandy Blvd., has been sold and work is being coordinated to relocate a monitoring well and to provide easement for continued Boeing access to monitoring wells, an extraction well and buried infrastructure. Proposals for off-site remediation zone closures due to groundwater cleanup being completed, are being evaluated. (3/21/11 RKW/CU&ER) Boeing oversight transferred from EPA to DEQ in 2007 and evaluation of cleanup progress and potential additional measures is ongoing. The BOP-22ds monitoring well was evaluated and found to leak to upper TSA as a vertical preferrential pathway. The well was abandoned and replaced with BOP-22Rds in 2009. Similarly, monitoring well BOP-60ds was evaluated and found to leak to upper TSA and is proposal for abandonment and replacement with BOP-60Rds. This work has been approved by DEQ and will be implemented in early 2010. Expansion of building 85-001 will begin in 2010 requiring removal of TGA extraction system west of the building. Soil with minor TCE contamination was removed from the west side of the building. A bioremediation remediation measure for the TGA groundwater plume west of bldg 85-001 was conducted in 2008/2009. Investigation of contamination beneath bldg 85-001 at the former degreaser location was conducted in late 2009. Startup for a combined soil vapor extraction and in-situ bio remedy for the degreaser area is anticipated in early 2012. Boeing is currently evaluating other historic source areas to identify potential additional measures and a strategy for completion of site cleanup.
General Site Information
Site: Boeing of Portland (ECSI Site ID: 13) CERCLIS (EPA) Id054964481
Project Manager: Kenneth Thiessen Investigative Status:Listed on the Confirmed Release List or Inventory
PM Phone: (503) 229-6015 NPL(National Priority Listing):No
Address: 19000 NE Sandy Blvd. Is this site an Orphan?No
Portland, 97230 Is this site a brownfield?No
County: MULTNOMAH Action Underway or Needed: REMEDIAL ACTION
Region: Northwest Region Click for more details ...  
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Site Documents
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File NameCategory File Size MB Document Date Upload Date
2010-08-18 DEQ IGA Final Signed Ordinance.pdf Correspondence 0.6038 8/18/2010 5/18/2023
Consent Order 2007.pdf Orders/Consent Judgments 1.5340 4/10/2014
DEQ 2007 Consent Order Attachments.pdf Orders/Consent Judgments 3.5868 9/8/2008 1/9/2023
2007-10-12 DEQ 2007 Consent Order Text.pdf Orders/Consent Judgments 1.5340 10/12/2007 5/18/2023
2007-10-12 DEQ Consent Order Attachments.pdf Orders/Consent Judgments 3.5868 10/12/2007 5/18/2023
Bldg 85-001 Remedial Cleanup - July 2010.pdf Reports 1.3364 7/26/2010
Draft-Remedy Completion StrategyA.pdf Reports 1.7941 7/28/2010
Bldg 85-001 Subsurface Inv-A.pdf Reports 0.9453 7/29/2010
Bldg 85-001 Subsurface Inv-B.pdf Reports 2.9503 7/29/2010
Boeing_Portland_Landau_TGA 2013 Prog Perf Rpt.pdf Reports 3.0319 6/17/2014
Boeing_Portland_042116_TGA 2015 Progress Rpt_short.pdf Reports 5.8265 4/21/2016 7/12/2016
Boeing_Portland_Landau_4-25-17_TGA 5-Yr wo append.pdf Reports 3.7820 4/25/2017 12/7/2017
20210316-0013-Boeing_Portland-TGA_2020 Annual_Final-(no_APP_A).pdf Reports 8.6171 3/16/2021 8/31/2021
Boeing_Portland_Landau_TGA 2021 Annual_031522 labs removed.pdf Reports 18.0716 3/15/2022 1/18/2023
Statement of Basis.pdf RODs/Staff Reports 2.3101 1/24/2008
Final Decsion and Response to Comments.pdf RODs/Staff Reports 1.5297 1/24/2008
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