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McCormick & Baxter Creosoting Co.

Summary Information
(last updated on: 9/29/2021 7:53:54 AM)
[Sept 2021] The McCormick and Baxter site is located on the northeast shore of the Willamette River in North Portland. The site includes 41 acres of land and 23 acres of sediments beneath the Willamette River. McCormick and Baxter Creosoting Company operated between 1944 and 1991, treating wood products with creosote, pentachlorophenol, and inorganic (arsenic, copper, chromium, and zinc) preservative solutions. Historically, process wastewaters were discharged directly to the Willamette River, and other process wastes were dumped in several areas of the site. Remedial investigations revealed the presence of significant concentrations of wood-treating chemicals in soil and groundwater at the site, and in river sediments adjacent to the site. Remedies to contain site contaminants were completed in 2005. Extensive monitoring, conducted since 2005 demonstate that the site remedies are functioning to meet the clean-up objectives required by the site Record of Decision (ROD). The Soil and Sediment operable units are currently Operational and Functional, while the Groundwater operable unit is in Operational and Maintance mode. Please see EPA's Website (link below) for addtional information.
General Site Information
Site: McCormick & Baxter Creosoting Co. (ECSI Site ID: 74) CERCLIS (EPA) Id009020603
Project Manager: Sarah Miller Investigative Status:Listed on the Confirmed Release List or Inventory
PM Phone: (503) 229-5040 NPL(National Priority Listing):Yes
Address: 6900 N Edgewater St. Is this site an Orphan?Yes
Portland, 97203 Is this site a brownfield?No
County: MULTNOMAH Action Underway or Needed: OPERATION & MAINTENANCE
Region: Northwest Region Click for more details ...  
NOTE: This site has one or more long-term controls designed to manage site risks. Click here for details.

Site Documents
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File NameCategory File Size MB Document Date Upload Date
Remedy descriptions (from EPA-CLU-IN newsletter, Fall 2014).pdf Fact Sheets 0.2824 11/26/2014 12/2/2014
McCormick and Baxter (Initiation of the Orphan Program - 1991 memo).pdf Memos 0.2262 6/21/1991 8/3/2018
M&B_SSC1996wAmendments1&2.pdf Miscellaneous 1.2014 5/22/1996 5/7/2020
vessselpre_seizure_notice_Owner_final_REDACTED.pdf Miscellaneous 0.4593 6/9/2021 6/9/2021
McCormick baxter History and status as of 2010.pdf Miscellaneous 3.3504 1/4/2010 8/6/2021
Anadromous fisheries near McCormick-Baxter Portland (NOAA, 1992).pdf Reports 0.4936 6/2/1992 6/16/2016
74_2017_MB_Annual_Report_032918.pdf Reports 23.0226 3/29/2018 5/18/2018
M&B Five-Year Review Report_Sept 2011 (complete).pdf Reports 18.3066 9/26/2011 6/19/2019
MB_Five-Year Review_Report 2016.pdf Reports 7.3331 9/26/2016 6/19/2019
MB_FIve-Year-Review 2006.pdf Reports 11.5000 9/25/2006 6/19/2019
74_2018_M&B_Annual_Report_3.29.19._noappendices2.pdf Reports 16.0310 3/29/2019 5/7/2020
74_2019_M&B_Annual_Report_7.22.2020_noAppendices.pdf Reports 29.6312 7/22/2020 8/31/2020
MB_First Five-Year ReviewSept 2001.pdf Reports 2.2961 9/26/2001 8/6/2021
Sed Phase 1 Construction Summary Report Tables and Figures.pdf Reports 4.9516 3/1/2006 8/6/2021
Sed Phase 2 Construction Summary Report Tables and Figures.pdf Reports 3.9034 5/1/2006 8/6/2021
MB_Fifth Five-Year Review 2021.pdf Reports 23.8018 9/28/2021 9/28/2021
2020_MB_Annual_OM_Report_noappendices.pdf Reports 17.2473 7/30/2021 9/30/2021
2020_MB_Annual_OM_Report_appendices.pdf Reports 17.2846 7/30/2021 9/30/2021
AMENDED ROD No.74.pdf RODs/Staff Reports 3.5933 3/1/1998 6/30/2015
Record of Decision (March 1996).pdf RODs/Staff Reports 9.7856 3/1/1996 3/21/2017
Site Layout and Features.pdf Site Diagrams 0.9955 1/15/2007 4/12/2016
Site Links
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McCormick and Baxter Superfund Site | Region 10 | US EPA More information about this site, from EPA's web page for M&B.

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Installation of sheet-pile/slurry wall to prevent subsurface contaminants from migrating to the Willamette River.
Overview of slurry-wall construction.
Placement of articulated concrete block (ACB) and sand over seep area - part of the sediment capping remedy.
Installing the geomembrane to prevent downward percolation of rainwater.
Aerial view of site and upland cap, June 2005
Aerial view of site operations, 1973.
Site overview, July 2005
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