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Boise Cascade Mill - Salem

Summary Information
(last updated on: 4/22/2022 9:57:46 AM)
[4/22/22 DEH] The former Boise Cascade Mill site in Salem consists of 13 acres located on the downtown Salem waterfront, and includes the sediments of the adjacent Willamette Slough. The former mill site has been subdivided into several parcels including the Park Parcel, North Block, and South Block. These parcels are in various stages of redevelopment and revitalization.There is also a sediment operable unit. Past mill operations left varying levels of contamination in the soil on the site, including dioxins, metals, petroleum, and PCBs. Sediments in the Willamette Slough are contaminated with dioxins. DEQ has overseen investigation and some cleanup at several of the properties since 2004. The City of Salem purchased the Park Parcel in 2014 under a Prospective Purchaser Agreement (PPA). The North Block was purchased under a PPA in 2015 and was issued a No Further Action in July 2015. The South Block parcel was given a No Further Action July 2014. Further evaluation of impacts to some upland properties are needed to evaluate risks to human health and the environment. In April 2017 OfficeMax signed a Consent Order with DEQ to investigate dioxins in sediments in Willamette Slough. In January 2021 DEQ accepted the sediment report, which determined that fish caught from the Willamette Slough should not have elevated dioxin levels compared wih levels in fish caught from a background study location. DEQ issued Certificaton of Completion for the Slough work on 4/21/22. DEQ and the citiy of Salem are finalizing a Prospective Purchasr agreement for the Creek and Slough parcels of the site.
General Site Information
Site: Boise Cascade Mill - Salem (ECSI Site ID: 4427) CERCLIS (EPA) Id
Project Manager: Donald Hanson Investigative Status:Contamination Suspected
PM Phone: (541) 687-7349 NPL(National Priority Listing):No
Address: 315 Commercial St. SE Is this site an Orphan?No
Salem, 97301 Is this site a brownfield?Yes
County: MARION Action Underway or Needed: Prospective Purchaser Agreement
Region: Western Region Click for more details ...  
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Site Documents
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File NameCategory File Size MB Document Date Upload Date
EES_City_ParkParcel.pdf E&ES documents 1.0580 4/15/2015 4/16/2015
Amended/Original_EES_NorthBlock_08012018.pdf E&ES documents 3.2785 8/1/2018 8/3/2018
EES_City_ParkParcel_04152015.pdf E&ES documents 1.0580 4/15/2015 8/3/2018
865&4427-RiverfrontPk&ParkParcel-CMMP-4-10-2020.pdf E&ES documents 3.6527 4/10/2020 1/27/2021
4427-Sediment-FishTissue-RI-RA-Report-Apdx.-B-HHRA-07-31-2020.pdf Eco/HH Risk Assessments 4.0907 7/31/2020 1/27/2021
4427-Sediment-FishTissue-RI-RA-Report-Apdx.C-EcoRiskAssessment-07-31-2020.pdf Eco/HH Risk Assessments 0.9623 7/31/2020 1/27/2021
Signed_Consent_Order_Office_Max (4-10-17).pdf Orders/Consent Judgments 2.7438 4/10/2017 9/13/2017
4427-CO-CertofCompletion-04-21-2022.pdf Orders/Consent Judgments 0.3724 4/21/2022 4/22/2022
ParkParcel_PPA.pdf PPAs 2.2584 3/23/2015 7/18/2016
NorthBlock_PPA_SalemLTC_21May2018.pdf PPAs 3.3884 5/21/2018 8/19/2019
PringleCkDataAndFigure_PringleCkRpt.pdf Reports 0.6696 12/9/2011 12/28/2016
PringleSampleLocations2012.pdf Reports 0.5542 12/9/2011 12/28/2016
SSI and CSM_Report_04282015 and Addendum.pdf Reports 4.3608 4/28/2015 12/28/2016
Pringle_Ck_Footing_Demo_Rpt_9-28-12.pdf Reports 6.3122 9/28/2012 3/8/2017
SedimentReport_062916.pdf Reports 10.8769 6/29/2016 9/13/2017
PringleCreekReport_12-9-2011.pdf Reports 3.8394 12/9/2011 9/13/2017
4427.ECSI.REPORT.1.28.92.pdf Reports 1.9026 1/28/1992 9/18/2018
4427-Sediment-FishTissue-RI-RA-Report-Apdx.A-07-31-2020.pdf Reports 10.5179 7/31/2020 1/27/2021
4427-Sediment-FishTissue-RI-RA-Report-07-31-2020.pdf Reports 11.3385 7/31/2020 1/27/2021
NFA_SouthBlock_7-21-14.pdf Signed NFA letters 1.5413 7/21/2014
HOT_ClosureNBlock.pdf Signed NFA letters 3.8575 7/16/2013 3/6/2015
S_Block_LUST_NFA_06152015.pdf Signed NFA letters 0.7471 6/15/2015 1/28/2016
NFA_NorthBlock.pdf Signed NFA letters 1.1135 7/24/2015 5/11/2023
Parcel_Status_Map_08-03-18_DEQ.pdf Site Diagrams 0.7639 8/3/2018 8/3/2018

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Mill Site in 1958
Mill Site in 1971
Mill Site in 1950
Mill Site 1950 Aerial View
Map showing status of various parcels of the former Boise Cascade Mill complex as of 8/3/18
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