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Summary Information
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2021-February Complete review of rail spur propsed construcitn with an infiltration structue Chevron, a former owner and operator of this site, conducted a Portland Harbor Source Control Evaluation to assess potential impacts to the Willamette River. A program of stormwater monitoring and catch basin cleanout was established. After completion of this work DEQ issued a source control decision in 2010, documenting the agency decision that the site does not pose a risk of recontaminating future remedial actions in the Willamette River. The Source Control Decision document contains a discussion of site conditions, monitoring results, source control measures, and the basis for DEQ’s decision. The draft document was reviewed by partner agencies including the City of Portland and US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) in accordance with established procedures detailed in the memorandum of understanding between US EPA and Oregon DEQ for Willamette River Source Control. DEQ finalized the decision in 2010 after considering reviewer comments. Based on a review of the Source Control Evaluation prepared by Chevron, and as documented in DEQ's Source control Decision memo, DEQ concludes that the site media have been adequately characterized to assess the potential for site-related impacts to the Willamette River. A series of best management practices (BMPs) were implemented that DEQ determined are adequate to control contaminant sources at the site. Per the Portland Harbor Joint Source Control Strategy, DEQ determined that stormwater evaluation or source control measures were adequate to control sources. This decision is contingent upon the site operator, PPC, maintaining the BMPs identified in the stormwater pollution control plan. Currently, DEQ is overseeing work related to a spill of Naptha that occurred in 2011. The spill required cleanup up work extracting vapor and water from soil and groundwater in the vicinity of the spill. DEQ anticipates that this work may be concluded in 2019. Work is ongoing to evaluate soil below the footing of a former product storage tank and is under an Independent Cleanup Agreement. In 2018 the City of Portland detected a sheen on stormwater discharges during 1200z industrial stormwater compliance monitoring. Repairs to the system corrected the problem. 2020 Site proposed a construction project for the rail terminal. RENEWABLE FUEL AND NON FUEL PRODUCTS PROJECT PROJECT NARRATIVE 1 PURPOSE The purpose of this project is to support bulk distribution of renewable fuels (such as renewable diesel derived from soybean feedstock) and non-fuel products at the Zenith Energy Portland Terminal. The rail infrastructure included in this application can be used for renewable fuels and/or non-fuel products. The other facilities and equipment that are part of this application concern renewable fuels.Other facilities and equipment would be needed to handle non-fuel products. Asphalt is the only currently relevant non-fuel product, and Zenith would apply for and obtain all permits needed to install such other facilities and equipment for any non-fuel products prior to such installation. Products will be delivered via railcars, transferred from railcar to existing tanks and shipped outbound by vessel and truck. Outbound cargos will be transferred from the storage tanks and loaded onto vessels through existing transfer lines. An existing truck rack, within the Zenith terminal, will load out renewable fuel for local distribution. MARINE AND STORAGE TANK OPERATIONS A new renewable fuel manifold will be constructed to provide inbound and outbound connections. The new manifold will be supported by two (2) new 3,500 gallon per minute pumps. Pump suction will be provided by new 16 inch lateral lines from storage tanks 93, 67, 74 and 129. Intraplant piping will be used to transfer renewable fuel from the new tank manifold to vessels using existing dock lines. TRUCK OPERATIONS The renewable fuel will be bottom loaded at an existing truck loading area within the Zenith terminal. A new pump will be installed in the new tank manifold to deliver the renewable fuel to a truck loading area. RAILCAR OPERATIONS A new epoxy coated, concrete containment, will be constructed for two, ten railcar unloading spots. The containment will be covered with canopies which will extend five feet beyond the containment curb on all four sides. Storm water, which is shed off the canopy roofs, will be directed to storm water infiltration areas and contained on site. The epoxy coated concrete containment is designed to contain the volume of one full railcar with additional capacity for firefighting water per NFPA design requirements. Storm water will not be collected within the containment. Any spills or water in contact with the containment will be pumped to an existing oil/water separator. The contact water will be processed through the existing wastewater system and ultimately sent to sanita
General Site Information
Site: TCMChevron USA Asphalt Refinery (ECSI Site ID: 1281) CERCLIS (EPA) Id009031873
Project Manager: James Orr Investigative Status:Listed on the Confirmed Release List or Inventory
PM Phone: (503) 229-5039 NPL(National Priority Listing):No
Address: 5501 NW Front Ave. Is this site an Orphan?No
Portland, 97210 Is this site a brownfield?No
County: MULTNOMAH Action Underway or Needed: REMOVAL
Region: Northwest Region Click for more details ...  
Site Documents
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File NameCategory File Size MB Document Date Upload Date
Pages from Chevron_Asphalt_Source_Control_DecisionRevision4 (Figures).pdf Reports 3.5784 6/7/2010
Chevron_Asphalt_Source_Control_DecisionRevision4 (Appendix A).pdf Reports 3.1890 6/7/2010
Chevron_Asphalt_Source_Control_DecisionRevision4 (Text).pdf Reports 0.1121 7/8/2010
Chevron_Asphalt_Source_Control_DecisionRevision4 (Tbls).pdf Reports 1.2419 7/8/2010
Portland_Terminal_Groundwater_and LNAPL_Gauging_20160801.pdf Reports 1.9912 8/1/2016 8/29/2016
Zenith Energy Terminals Portland Storm Water System Study 12172018.pdf Reports 0.6001 12/18/2018 4/30/2019
Zenith Energy Terminals Portland Storm Water System Study 12172018.pdf Reports 0.6001 2/17/2018 7/20/2020
Portland - MVCU Construction Report Tank Foundation Work -2020-June_8th.pdf Reports 1.3884 7/8/2020 7/20/2020
Final Zenith memo Final (1-6 2020) with stamped.pdf Reports 2.0191 10/14/2020 9/4/2021
20200512_Zenith_CMMP.pdf Work Plans 0.4389 6/24/2020 7/17/2020
Portland - MVCU Construction Report Tank Foundation Work -2020-June_8th.pdf Work Plans 1.3884 6/24/2020 7/17/2020
Portland - MVCU Construction Report Tank Foundation Work -2020-June_8th.pdf Work Plans 1.3884 6/8/2020 7/17/2020
2018_01_09_16_01_59.pdf Work Plans 0.3328 12/27/2017 7/17/2020
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