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September 2023 Update: Public Comment Period Sept. 1-29, 2023 for Staff Report and proposed remedial action: 1146-UPRRAshland-20221014-Report-StaffReport-ReadOnly.pdf Community meeting scheduled for Sept. 27, 2023 at 5:30pm, in the Gresham Room at the Ashland Public Library. DEQ will have a short presentation on the proposed remedial action and time for questions and comments from the community.
October 2022 update: DEQ has revised the recommended remedial action for voluntary cleanup of contamination related to railyard operations. The site area covered under this remedial action is a 11.7-acre portion located on the central portion of the original 21-acre property. DEQ previously issued no further action determinations for approximately 6.4 acres of the original 21 acres. The eastern 2.85 acres of the original property are currently used for agricultural purposes and not believed to have been associated with railyard activities. The recommended revised remedial action will allow the site to be safely developed for industrial, commercial, or urban residential use. The remedial action includes excavation of contaminated soil from the western 8.7-acre area of the site and consolidation on the eastern three-acre area of the site with a vegetated cap. Deed restrictions will also be implemented to prevent development for single family residential use and to maintain effectiveness of the capped three-acre area.
December 2017 update: The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently revised certain toxicity parameters for benzo(a)pyrene, which is the primary contaminant at the Ashland rail yard. EPA has determined that this compound is less toxic than previously thought. The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) routinely incorporates EPA updates into its risk assessment process once published by EPA. Consequently, Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) is requesting DEQ re-evaluate the contaminant risks of the railroad property and UPRR has withdrawn the approved 2016 remediation plan. DEQ will conduct its review in January 2018 and subsequently provide an update to the City of Ashland.
The site was operated by the Southern Pacific Transportation Co. as a locomotive maintenance, service, and railcar repair facility between 1887 and 1986. Sampling at the site revealed metals and petroleum in soils and surface waters. In 1993, Southern Pacific began a remedial investigation (RI) and feasibility study (FS) under DEQ's Voluntary Cleanup Program. An RI report was approved by DEQ in 1999; it identified potential risks to human health and the environment from site contaminants. In 2000, Union Pacific completed an FS that evaluated remedial alternatives for the site. DEQ selected as the remedial action excavation of soil containing contaminants above residential cleanup levels and transport of this soil off-site for treatment and/or disposal. The remedy also included removal and disposal of remaining railyard surface features and the contaminated soil near them. DEQ has approved implementation of a revised cleanup plan that includes excavation of about 18,700 cubic yards of contaminated soil and offsite disposal via rail cars, instead of trucks. The cleanup would occur in the spring and fall of 2017 and early 2018. A public comment period for the plan was held in January 2017.
General Site Information
Site: UPRR - Ashland (ECSI Site ID: 1146) CERCLIS (EPA) Id
Project Manager: MARGARET OSCILIA Investigative Status:Listed on the Confirmed Release List or Inventory
PM Phone: 503-726-6522 NPL(National Priority Listing):No
Address: North of "A" St., from Pioneer east to 8th Is this site an Orphan?No
Ashland, 97520 Is this site a brownfield?Yes
County: JACKSON Action Underway or Needed: RECORD OF DECISION
Region: Western Region Click for more details ...  
Site Documents
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File NameCategory File Size MB Document Date Upload Date
WRDCER1146AshlandRailyardWPapproval02232017.pdf Correspondence 5.2847 2/23/2017 2/23/2017
WRDCER1146AshlandRailyardUPletter12072017.pdf Correspondence 0.4949 12/7/2017 12/21/2017
1146-UPRRAshland-20230901-Memo-FinalPublicNotice.pdf Correspondence 0.3557 9/1/2023 9/5/2023
WRDCER1146AshlandRailyardFinalFactSheet01172017.pdf Fact Sheets 0.2062 1/17/2017 1/18/2017
WRDCER1146AshlandRailyardDEQfileReviewMemo11091992.pdf Memos 0.9766 11/9/1992 12/19/2016
Mar1993VCPAgreement.pdf Miscellaneous 1.7759 3/1/1993 9/24/2015
Nov152000FeasibilityStudy.pdf Reports 8.8133 11/15/2000 9/24/2015
WRDCER1146UPAshlandFinalRIreport11011999.pdf Reports 15.7436 11/1/1999 10/5/2015
1146_UPRR Ashland_RI FS_final_30Mar2021.pdf Reports 10.2465 3/30/2021 5/16/2022
RecordOfDecision.pdf RODs/Staff Reports 4.4737 3/1/2001 12/30/2016
1146-UPRRAshland-20221014-Report-StaffReport-ReadOnly.pdf RODs/Staff Reports 15.7762 10/14/2022 3/21/2023
Parcel 6 Signed NFA letters 0.0258 9/11/2001 6/29/2017
west parcel NFA.pdf Signed NFA letters 0.0141 12/7/2000 6/29/2017
Revised_UPRR_WorkPlan.pdf Work Plans 2.6074 9/1/2016 12/22/2016

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Aerial view of site from 1940.
Panorama of Ashland Railyard
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