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Summary Information
In 1988 DEQ received a report of petroleum contamination in the area of 2nd & Olive Streets. The subsequent investigations lead to the discovery of free-product (or liquid petroleum hydrocarbon - LPH) on the Senz Automotive Service site (also referred to as the “Yamhill Station”) at 210 South Maple St. in Yamhill, Oregon. By July 28, 1995, four underground storage tanks (USTs) and an estimated 450 cubic yards of petroleum contaminated soil had been removed. The four USTs were replaced with an above-ground storage tank (AST) system. In September 1996, a site assessment identified high levels of benzene and other constituents of potential concern dissolved in the shallow groundwater near the western boundary of the property. In November 2006, a petroleum release was reported to DEQ and the Oregon Emergency Response System (OERS) when gasoline was found in storm water catch basins located off the property. An estimated 4,476 gallons of gasoline were lost from the product piping between the AST and the dispensers in the same general area where the previously removed USTs had leaked. Petroleum migrated from leaking lines into the former UST nest and traveled off-site and traveled along same preferential pathways contaminated by the gasoline that leaked from the USTs in 1988. The initial cleanup response to the 2006 AST release resulted in the installation of an on-site LPH collection system (trench). A very limited on-site assessment and LPH mitigation in the city storm-water system was also implemented. The contamination from the two releases may be co-mingled in some areas. Residual petroleum saturation in the soil and high dissolved-phase concentrations in groundwater are known to extend beyond the property boundary. Historic petroleum contamination was observed over one block away during construction of the local fire station in the early 1990s. Further investigation has been conducted both on and off site including an area wide passive soil gas assessment, soil and groundwater probes, and an array of groundwater monitoring wells. Several additional groundwater monitoring wells, temporary probe sampling points, and permanent and temporary soil gas assessment points have been installed on and off-site to complete the delineation and characterization of the contamination. In December 2009 over 3,000 tons of petroleum contaminated soil was removed from the former station following demolition of the building and removal of the above ground storage tank system.
General Site Information
36-88-4062 Basic Incident Information
Site Name: Senz Automotive Service Received Date: 12/09/1988
Address: 210 S MAPLE Status: ACTIVE
YAMHILL, 97148 Tank Type: Regulated Tank
Site Type: Risk Based Standards UST Facility Id: 273
Project Manager Ellen Woods Phone Number 541-606-0490
Assessment Information
Cause of Release: UNKNOWN Source of Release: NOT REPORTED Discovery Method: OTHER
Media Effected Contaminants Released
>Soil >GroundWater >SurfaceWater >FreeVapor >FreeProduct >Unknown >MiscGas >Diesel >Unknown
Free Product RemovedYESDelineate SoilYESDelineate Ground WaterYES
Soil DelineatedYESGroundwater DelineatedYESCAP RequestedYES
CAP SubmittedYES
Management Information
Release Stopped Date: 12/09/1988 Cleanup Start Date: 12/09/1988 Cleanup End Date:
Site Documents
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File NameCategory File Size MB Upload Date
36-88-4062_EMSiteSpecificCMMP-VapMitSys_03.10.2023.pdf Contaminated Media Management Plan 2.4662 4/10/2023
36-88-4062 IRAM_Work_Plan.pdf Corrective Action Work Plan 2.3083 10/7/2009
Pythian EES 9-19-12.pdf E&ES Documents 0.5568 9/20/2012
YRFD Station EES Rec.pdf E&ES Documents 0.6601 9/20/2012
YRFD 2 EES Rec.pdf E&ES Documents 0.6579 9/20/2012
YRFD 3 EES Rec.pdf E&ES Documents 0.6658 9/20/2012
Yamhill Station EES Rec.pdf E&ES Documents 1.8412 10/23/2013
Pythian EES Rec.pdf E&ES Documents 0.0615 9/14/2016
4923_4Q08_gw_rpt_01-28-2009.pdf Miscellaneous 5.1552 6/9/2009
4923_SI_rpt_07-07-2008.pdf Miscellaneous 5.3783 6/9/2009
36-88-4062 Hist Survey.pdf Miscellaneous 0.6948 8/4/2009
Public Involvement Plan 9-29-09.pdf Miscellaneous 1.6906 9/29/2009
36-88-4062 Sensitive Species Eval.pdf Miscellaneous 1.7515 9/29/2009
09-WR-002 Fact Sheet.pdf Miscellaneous 0.2186 9/30/2009
36-88-4062 Site_Investigation_Work_Plan.pdf Miscellaneous 2.9098 11/5/2009
SHPO-ltr 8-5-09.pdf Miscellaneous 0.7260 2/25/2010
Senz Park-Rec No Hist. Place ltrb8-4-09.pdf Miscellaneous 0.1838 2/25/2010
Full Demo Letter 10-09.pdf Miscellaneous 0.0754 2/25/2010
4923_IRAM_rpt_04-12-2010_part_1.pdf Miscellaneous 5.2879 4/27/2010
4923_IRAM_rpt_04-12-2010_part_2.pdf Miscellaneous 4.9760 4/27/2010
4923_SI_Rpt_04_08_2010.pdf Miscellaneous 5.3486 4/27/2010
4923_1Q10_gw_rpt_05-05-2010.pdf Miscellaneous 2.0061 5/6/2010
36-88-406210-WR-001 Fact Sheet.pdf Miscellaneous 0.6048 6/15/2010
Senz Automotive Services Presentation 7-29-10.pdf Miscellaneous 4.8890 7/30/2010
4923_2Q10GW_SI rpt_08-31-2010.pdf Miscellaneous 2.9743 9/7/2010
June 2010 Investigation Report.pdf Miscellaneous 3.6937 10/19/2010
278703901 CMMP Finals.pdf Miscellaneous 0.9971 2/18/2011
4923_4Q10_GW_and_SW_Camera_Survey_Rpt_02-23-2011.pdf Miscellaneous 2.7554 2/23/2011
4923_Closure_Rpt_06-28-2011_part1.pdf Miscellaneous 4.6678 6/29/2011
4923_Closure_Rpt_06-28-2011_part2.pdf Miscellaneous 3.0489 6/29/2011
WRDSWDFormerYamhillStationPubNotDOC20131001.pdf Miscellaneous 0.0560 10/24/2013
36-88-4062_PitfidoConsentJudgmentFullyExecuted_07.18.2017.pdf Miscellaneous 0.8396 11/1/2022
36-88-4062_EMSiteSpecificHASP_12.09.2022.pdf Miscellaneous 8.9621 4/10/2023
36-88-4062_DEQApprovalLetter_FINAL.pdf Miscellaneous 0.2842 4/10/2023
Senz Vapor Report 10-15-13.pdf Reports 2.0050 12/3/2013
Senz Supplemental Site Work 6-4-10.pdf Site Diagrams 0.1789 6/4/2010
Senz Vapor work Plan 4-24-13.pdf Work Plans 6.1987 12/3/2013
Senz Vapor work Plan 5-31-12.pdf Work Plans 4.9394 12/3/2013

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Site Photo
Site Photo
With the security fencing in place, the ARRA contractor and sub-contractor prepare to move ahead with building demolition.
The property owner and friends initiated deconstruction of the building the week before scheduled demolition. Without the support of the roof-truss system, the western wall of the buiildng collapsed.
Much of the building lumber was salvaged during careful demolition.
With the building gone the AST was moved off-site next.
Former Pythian Hall vapor Collection Sytem. Stack on the left ventilates under the building, the right ventilates back yard area.
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