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EZ-Filer Online Tool for Reporting Greenhouse Gas Emissions

EZ-Filer is the online reporting tool most facilities with an Air Contaminant Discharge Permit ACDP or Title V operating permit are required to use to register and report greenhouse gas emissions to DEQ. Currently, only these permit holders are able to use EZ-Filer. Other types of reporters (such as fuel distributors) need to use DEQ-approved reporting methodologies, as described in the proposed reporting protocols for each greenhouse gas reporter type.

EZ-Filer is designed to make the reporting process easier and more reliable by automating the calculation process for fuel combustion, retaining facility information so a reporter does not have to re-enter this information in future years, and providing a simple structure to complete the annual emissions report.

Click here for more information about how to use EZ-Filer.

Please note: DEQ requires each reporter to supply documentation on how they calculated the emissions in their report. This includes the data inputs the reporter used in the equations to calculate emissions. These data inputs include but are not limited to fuel throughput, emission factors used to calculate emissions from stationary fuel combustion, and the production volumes or product usage that are inputs to equations used to calculate emissions from an industrial process. Reporting via EZ-Filer automatically provides DEQ with the data inputs for fuel combustion, but facilities reporting emissions from an industrial process must provide supporting documentation on how these emissions were calculated. Supporting documentation may be uploaded electronically to EZ-Filer or mailed with the report certification produced in EZ-Filer. See this page for the reporting protocols permit holders are required to use and more information about supporting documentation.

Disclaimer: EZ-filer was developed in Windows; using another operating system may affect the design.

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