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EZ-Filer Online Tool for Reporting Greenhouse Gas Emissions

EZ-Filer is the online reporting tool required for registration and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions by air permit holders subject to Division 215, Oregon's Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program. This includes permit holders that emit over 2,500 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCO2e) annually and that hold an Air Contaminant Discharge Permit ACDP or Title V operating permit.

Reporting resources for air permit holders and protocols for other types of reporters are available here.

- EZ-Filer User Guide

- Download the DEQ GHG Reporting Program supplementary reporting form here.

In addition to submitting all required emissions data through EZ-Filer all sources must also:

- Upload supporting documentation for all industrial process emissions and any stationary combustion emissions NOT automatically calculated through EZ-Filer. This includes documentation for stationary combustion emissions calculated and reported using tier 2, 3, or 4 of EPA's greenhouse gas reporting program 40 C.F.R., Part 98, subpart C.

- If applicable, upload the the GHG Reporting Program supplemental reporting form. This form includes new data elements not currently collected in EZ-Filer and is required starting with the reporting of 2020 data.

- A source's designated representative must certify and submit emissions data and required documentation through EZ-Filer. For owners or operators of Oregon Title V Operating Permits the designated
  representative is the responsible official and certification must be consistent with OAR 340-218-0040(5).

For assistance with the tool and reporting please contact us or email GHGReport@deq.state.or.us.

Disclaimer: EZ-filer was developed in Windows; using another operating system may affect the design.

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