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Wastewater Permit Document Search

DEQ’s Water Quality Division has a new, searchable electronic repository for the storage and convenient retrieval of important documents, including permits, permit modifications, permit-related fact sheets and permit action letters. All individual National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit-related documents are available for viewing. Many Water Pollution Control Facilities (WPCF) permit documents are also available.

NPDES-permitted facilities are those which discharge pollutants from any point source, such as a pipe, to state waters. If a facility discharges to land, it is a WPCF facility.

Instructions for Searching the Database

Use the form below to retrieve a list of permit documents available. Please note that you do not need to fill out all the boxes/form fields. You can limit the listing by entering selection criteria into one or more of the fields. Once the list appears, click the blue facility name under the “Name” column to open and view the desired document (PDF).

If you get no results when using the “Facility Common Name” search and entering the entire facility name, try using a partial name, which may be more effective.

Note: Large query results may result in a warning message in Internet Explorer. If you receive a message asking if you would like to “Stop running this script?” click “No” through the warning messages to view your results.

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