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Longitude Latitude Identification (LLID) Application

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Longitude Latitude Identification (LLID) Application

The LLID was developed for Oregon Department of Environmental Quality staff and the public to obtain geographic information about locations of interest.
Information available when clicking the map includes the following:

  • A unique 13-digit code is used to identify streams.
  • The code is derived from decimal degrees of longitude (7 characters) and latitude at the mouth of a stream (6 characters).
  • Information is based on a 1:100,000 scale hydrographic layer (Pacific Northwest (PNW) River Reach Files, 2001).
River Mile
  • The location is provided in river miles for a point along a specific stream.
  • The identifier increases from the mouth of the stream (river mile 0) to the headwaters.
  • Information is based on a 1:100,000 scale hydrographic layer (PNW River Reach Files, 2001).
  • The stream name associated with the LLID, if available, is identified.
Longitude & Latitude
  • Information provided represents point locations in the state in decimal degrees (Datum NAD 83).
Base Layer Information
  • Additional information is available for streams and lakes, basins, sub basins, cities, and counties when these layers are visible.


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The first time you launch the LLID application, you may be prompted to install the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in.

Important: Google stopped Silverlight plug-in support in Chrome browser. Please use Internet Explorer or Firefox.

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