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Water Quality Permit Program - NPDES Stormwater Discharge Permits -
Public Notice of NPDES Industrial Stormwater General Permit 1200-COLS Applications

The 1200-COLS permit regulates industrial facilities that discharge stormwater from a point source to the Columbia Slough or to conveyance systems that discharge to the Columbia Slough Watershed. During the 30-calendar day public notice period, the public may review the following materials:

You may submit comments to DEQ by using the comment form provided below, by separate letter, or by email using the address listed below. Only submit water quality-related comments regarding the permit application and Stormwater Pollution Control Plan. DEQ cannot act on land use-related comments because they are outside the agency's jurisdiction. DEQ will review all comments but only provide a written response to those comments on new applications, and renewal applications for facilities that exceeded the benchmarks in the previous permit and submitted and an updated SWPCP identifying treatment best management practices that is stamped by a Professional Engineer or Certified Engineering Geologist.

Note:  Please call the DEQ or City of Portland before traveling to that office to make sure the documents are available.

*** There are currently no 1200-COLS Permit applications in the database for public review. ***