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Application Forms/Guidelines for Onsite Wastewater Systems (Septic Systems)

These guides provide information to help you navigate the process of applying for different types of permits related to onsite wastewater system activities. After you complete an "Application for Onsite Sewage Treatment System" it is important that you send the application to the appropriate county or DEQ office. Find the right contact office by looking up your county on the Office and Agent List.

Sewage Disposal Service Business License Forms

Important information about completing these bond forms:

  1. The bond is to be issued on an exact copy of this form, not a facsimile of this form.
  2. The bond must have a surety seal. Sign and submit the original bond with your license application.
  3. The Attorney-In-Fact must sign on the required signature line. We do not require a signature for the Registered Agent for Oregon. However, we do appreciate having that information included on the bond when possible.
  4. A Power of Attorney sheet must be attached to each bond.

Product Approval Application Forms and Checklists

   Tanks and Distribution Units

   Alternative Treatment Technology (ATT) Products

Additional Forms

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For more information about DEQ's Onsite Wastewater Management Program contact Lisa MacGregor by phone at 541-686-7905 or by email.

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