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Oregon Nonpoint Source Management Program Plan

Call for Public Comment
Written comments are due by 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality is requesting comments on a Draft 2014 Oregon Nonpoint Source Management Program Plan also know as Oregon NPS Plan. DEQ is updating its Oregon’s NPS Plan because EPA now requires each state’s NPS Plan to be updated every five years. DEQ’s Oregon NPS Plan was last updated in 2000. DEQ staff worked with applicable state and federal agencies in development of the NPS Plan. DEQ consulted with ODF and ODA on forest and agriculture stakeholder outreach. DEQ is also requesting comments from Oregon Tribes that will be conducted by the DEQ Oregon Tribes coordinator. DEQ will review and consider all comments received during the public comment period. It does not plan to hold a public hearing about the proposed Oregon NPS Plan or respond directly to comments. Following its review, DEQ will modify the plan if necessary and send to EPA for approval. After EPA approves the plan, DEQ will post it on this webpage. DEQ will notify all who have provided comments and affected parties when EPA approves the final plan and about any plan updates. If you do not comment and are not an affected party but wish to receive notification, please contact DEQ as indicated previously in this notice.

Oregon NPS Plan
The 2014 Draft Oregon Nonpoint Source Management Program Plan describes the federal and statutory basis of the Program. Oregon’s NPS Plan describes goals, priorities, objectives and strategies for preventing, controlling and eliminating pollution of Oregon’s waters from nonpoint sources. A nonpoint source of pollution is any pollution entering a water body that does not come directly from a pipe. Nonpoint pollution can occur when rainfall and snowmelt flows off land used for agriculture, forestry, rural and urban residences, as well as roads, buildings and other features of the landscape. This diffuse runoff can carry pollutants into drainage ditches, lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands, bays, aquifers and other waters of the state.

The Oregon NPS Plan includes measures needed to meet federal and state surface and groundwater water quality standards, and established Total Maximum Daily Load allocations for water bodies designated as water quality limited on the state’s 303(d) list of impaired waters. One of Oregon’s primary goals is to strengthen its working partnerships and linkages to appropriate state, interstate, tribal, regional and local entities (including conservation districts), private sector groups, citizens groups, and federal agencies. The NPS Plan identifies the needed collaboration, coordination, and communication for its implementation to address NPS pollution. Annual milestones proposed in the draft Oregon NPS Plan are meant to be general enough to accommodate long-term Oregon NPS Management Program planning goals while being specific enough for the state to track progress and for EPA to determine satisfactory progress in accordance with Section 319 of the federal Clean Water Act. The Oregon NPS Plan annual milestones are tracked and reported in required annual reports to EPA.

EPA approval of Oregon’s NPS Plan will help ensure DEQ continues to receive annual 319 funding from EPA that funds DEQ staff and projects.

Read the Draft Oregon Nonpoint Source Management Program Plan.


Written comments are due by 5:00 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 2, 2014.

Comments can be submitted in the following ways:

By mail
c/o Don Yon
Nonpoint Source Pollution Coordinator
811 SW Sixth Avenue
Portland OR 97204

By email

By fax


For more information, contact DEQ by phone, 503-229-6850, or toll-free in Oregon 800-452-4011, ext. 6850



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For more information on Oregon's Nonpoint Source Program, contact Don Yon by phone at 503-229-6850 or by email.

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