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Oregon Administrative Rules

The complete set of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality administrative rules is available in hardcopy for a minimal cost. For questions about DEQ's administrative rules, contact Meyer Goldstein at 800-452-4011 x6478 or 503-229-6478 or email.

The Environmental Quality Commission adopts proposed rules or modifications to DEQ's existing administrative rules. The commission convenes every other month. Once adopted, the rules are filed with the Secretary of State's Office. DEQ's administrative rules and related documents are listed below. The rules, without the related documents, can be found on the Secretary of State's website.

The Secretary of State's listing of administrative rules is updated the first of each month. Updated rules contain all rule changes filed through the 15th of the month prior; for example if a rule change is filed on September 14, it will be added to the rule compilation on October 1. If the rule change is filed on September 16, it will be added to the rule compilation on November 1.

State Implementation Plan

Division 11 Rules of General Applicability and Organization
Division 12 Enforcement Procedure and Civil Penalties
Division 13 Wilderness, Recreational and Scenic Area Rules
Division 14 Procedures For Issuance, Denial, Modification and Revocation of Permits
Division 16 Pollution Control Tax Credits
Division 17 Plastics Recycling Tax Credits
Division 18 State Agency Coordination Program
Division 35 Noise Control Regulations
[Table 1] [Table 2] [Table 3] [Table 4] [Tables 5 through 6] [Tables 7 through 8] [Tables 9 through 10] [NPCS-1] [NPCS-2] [NPCS-21] [NPCS-35] [NPCS-37]
Division 39 Water Quality Trading Program
Division 40 Groundwater Quality Protection
[Table 1 through Table 5] [Appendix 1]
Division 41 Water Pollution State-Wide Water Quality Maintenance Plan; Beneficial Uses, Policies, Standards, and Treatment Criteria For Oregon
[Oregon Basin Index Map (Figure 1)] [Designated Beneficial Uses by Basin (Tables 101A to 340A)] [Fish Use Designations by Basin (Tables 101B to 250B)] [Fish Use and Spawning Use Maps by Basin (Figures 130A to 340B)] [Table 21: Dissolved Oxygen and Intergravel Dissolved Oxygen Criteria] [Toxics Criteria Tables]
Division 42 Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDLs)
Division 43 Chemical Mining
[Table 1 and Table 2]
Division 44 Construction and Use of Waste Disposal Wells or Other Underground Injection Activities
Division 45 Regulations Pertaining to NPDES and WPCF Permits
[Table 70A-H: Permit Fee Schedule]
Division 46 Deposit of Motor Vehicle Bodies and Accessories Into the Waters of the State
Division 48 Certification of Compliance With Water Quality Requirements and Standards
Division 49 Regulations Pertaining to Certification of Wastewater System Operator Personnel
Division 50 Land Application of Domestic Wastewater Treatment Facility Biosolids, Biosolids Derived Products, and Domestic Septage
Division 51 Confined Animal Feeding or Holding Operations
Division 52 Review of Plans and Specifications
[Appendix A: Sewer Pipelines] [Appendix B: Raw Sewage Lift Stations] [Plan Review Guidelines]
Division 53 Graywater Reuse and Disposal Systems
[Table 1 and Table 2]
Division 54 State Revolving Fund Program
Division 55 Regulations Pertaining to the Use of Reclaimed Water (Treated Effluent) From Sewage Treatment Plants
Division 56 Instream Water Rights
Division 64 Waste Tire Program: Waste Tire Storage Site and Waste Tire Carrier Permits
Division 71 Onsite Sewage Disposal
[Tables 1 - 5] [Tables 6-7] [Table 8] [Table 9 A-F]
Division 73 Construction Standards
Division 81 State Financial Assistance to Public Agencies For Water Pollution Control Facilities
Division 82 State Financial Assistance to Public Agencies For Pollution Control Facilities For the Disposal of Solid Waste
Division 83 Solid Waste Planning and Recycling Grant Rules
Division 90 Recycling and Waste Reduction
Division 91 Waste Reduction Program and Recycling Certification
Division 93 Solid Waste: General Provisions
Division 94 Solid Waste: Municipal Solid Waste Landfills
Division 95 Solid Waste: Land Disposal Sites Other Than Municipal Solid Waste Landfills
Division 96 Solid Waste: Special Rules For Selected Solid Waste Disposal Sites
Division 97 Solid Waste: Permit Fees
Division 98 Solid Waste: Electronics Recycling
Division 100 Hazardous Waste Management System: General
Division 101 Identification and Listing of Hazardous Waste
[Appendix 1]
Division 102 Standards Applicable to Generators of Hazardous Waste
Division 103 Standards Applicable to Transporters of Hazardous Waste by Air or Water
Division 104 Standards For Owners and Operators of Hazardous Waste Treatment Storage and Disposal Facilities
Division 105 Management Facility Permits
Division 106 Permitting Procedures
Division 109 Management of Pesticide Wastes
Division 110 Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)
Division 111 Used Oil Management
Division 113 Universal Waste Management
Division 120 Additional Siting and Permitting Requirements For Hazardous Waste and PCB Treatment and Disposal Facilities
Division 122 Hazardous Substance Remedial Action Rules
[Grid for oar 340-122-0330(5)(c), Table for oar 340-122-0335(2)]
Division 124 Standards Applicable to Dry Cleaning Facilities and Dry Stores
Division 130 Environmental Hazard Notices
Division 135 Toxic Use Reduction and Hazardous Waste Reduction Regulations
Division 140 Illegal Drug Lab Cleanup Assistance
Division 141 Oil Spill Contingency Planning And Fees
Division 142 Oil and Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Requirements
Division 143 Ballast Water Management
Division 150 Underground Storage Tank Rules
[Table of Contents and Appendices] [Operator Table]
Division 151 Financial Responsibility for USTs
[CFR - Subpart H - 280,90 to 280.116: Financial Responsibility]
Division 160 Registration and Licensing Requirements For Underground Storage Tank Service Providers
Division 163 Registration and Licensing Requirements For Heating Oil Tank Soil Matrix Cleanup Service Providers and Supervisors
Division 170 Underground Storage Tank Reimbursement Grant Program
Division 172 Underground Storage Tank Financial Assistance Program
Division 174 Underground Storage Tank Insurance Copayment Program
Division 175 Underground Storage Tank Grant Program
Division 176 Underground Storage Tank Loan Guarantee
Division 177 Residential Heating Oil Underground Storage Tanks
Division 178 Underground Storage Tank Reduced Interest Rate Loans
Division 180 Underground Storage Tank Loan Guarantee and Interest Rate Subsidy Program
Division 200 General Air Pollution Procedures and Definitions
Division 202 Ambient Air Quality Standards and PSD Increments
Division 204 Designation of Air Quality Areas
Division 206 Air Pollution Emergencies
[Table 1 Air Pollution Episode ALERT Conditions, Table 2 Air Pollution Episode WARNING Conditions, Table 3 Air Pollution Episode EMERGENCY Conditions]
Division 208 Visible Emissions and Nuisance Requirements
[Figure 1]
Division 209 Public Participation
Division 210 Stationary Source Notification Requirements
Division 212 Stationary Source Testing and Monitoring
Division 214 Stationary Source Reporting Requirements
Division 215

Greenhouse Gas Reporting Requirements

Division 216

Air Contaminant Discharge Permits
[Table 1 - Activities and Sources]
[Table 2 - Fees]

Division 218 Oregon Title V Operating Permits
Division 220 Oregon Title V Operating Permit Fees
[Formula - Determining VOC Emissions Using Material Balance, Determining Sulfur Dioxide Emissions Using Material Balance and Verified Emission Factors Using Source Testing]
Division 222 Stationary Source Plant Site Emission Limits
Division 223 Regional Haze
Division 224 New Source Review
Division 225 Air Quality Analysis Requirements
Division 226 General Emission Standards
[Table 1-Particulate Matter Emissions Standards for Process Equipment]
Division 228 Requirements For Fuel Burning Equipment and Fuel Sulfur Content
[Table 1-Missing Data Procedures for Hg CEMS, Table 2-Quality Assurance/Quality Control Criteria for Sorbent Trap Monitoring Systems, and Table 3-Codes for Method of Emissions and Flow Determination] [Table 4] [Equations]
Division 230 Incinerator Regulations
[Formulas for Design and Operation, and Monitoring and Testing]
Division 232 Emission Standards For VOC Point Sources
Division 234 Emission Standards For Wood Products Industries
Division 236 Emission Standards For Specific Industries
[Table 1-Process Weight Table]
Division 238 New Source Performance Standards
Division 240 Rules For Areas With Unique Air Quality Needs
Division 242 Rules Applicable to the Portland Area
[Table of Parking Ratios] [Figure 1-Portland Air Quality Maintenance Area Map]
Division 244 Oregon Federal Hazardous Air Pollutant Program
[Table 1 - List of Hazardous Pollutants] [Table 2-Management Practices For Gasoline Dispensing Facilities Subject To Stage I Vapor Controls,  Table 3-Management Practices For Gasoline Cargo Tanks Unloading At Gasoline Dispensing Facilities Equipped With Stage I Vapor Controls] [Formula-Demonstration of Early Reduction]
Division 246 Oregon State Air Toxics Program
Division 248 Asbestos Requirements
Division 250 General Conformity
Division 252 Transportation Conformity
[Table 1-Conformity Criteria, Table 2-Exempt Projects, Table 3-Projects Exempt from Regional Emissions Analysis]
Division 253 Oregon Clean Fuels Program
Division 254 Rules For Indirect Sources
Division 256 Motor Vehicles
[Net Income Table]
Division 257 Oregon Low Emission Vehicles
Division 258 Motor Vehicle Fuel Specifications
[Table A-Comparison of Specific Gravities & Oxygen Mass Fraction of Pure Oxygenates, Table B-Number in Population (N) — Sample Size]
Division 259 Clean Diesel Grant and Loan Rules
Division 260 Refrigerant Recycling and Ozone-Depleting Substance Requirements
Division 262 Residential Woodheating
Division 264 Rules For Open Burning
[Figures 1-5]
Division 266 Field Burning Rules
[Table 1-Minimum Mixing Height for Burning Based on Cumulative Hours of Smoke Intrusion in the Eugene-Springfield Area] [Formula Definitions]
Division 268 Emission Reduction Credits

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