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How to request DEQ public records

The records you're looking for may already be available online. Use the DEQ Search at the top right of your screen and you may find what you need. Try DEQ's Databases, GIS and Mapping Applications, and Online Reporting web page.

If the records you want are not online, read the info below to submit your request successfully.

Please note: Due to the high volume of requests, DEQ must limit record requests to one site per request. DEQ requires fee payment before making records available.

Record request form  <-- Click this link to access the form

About the form

Fill out the fillable PDF form as completely as possible. If you don't know what DEQ program you're requesting records from, you can skip the checkboxes in that section. If, however, you are requesting on behalf of a law firm or in response to a public notice, please make sure to check the applicable box(es) so that your request is routed to the right people. It will greatly speed up the time it takes to process your request.

To submit your request

  1. PLEASE READ “Desktop or Web-based?” below. Once you've reviewed that information and filled out the form as completely as possible, click on the form's "Submit by Email" button.

  2. You will be reminded that you are responsible for fees incurred in locating and copying the records you request. This does not obligate you to any payment but is a reminder that there may be a fee involved. Click OK to continue.
  3. Then an instruction pops up, which asks if you are using a desktop e-mail program or a web-based email.

Desktop or Web-based?

  • If you use a desktop email application (such as MS Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird, etc., where your email is stored on your local computer), submitting the form is straightforward. When you click on the "Submit by Email" button the form will automatically create an email message to DEQ with an attachment. Then you need only click "Send" on your email message to submit your request.

  • If you use a web-based email service (such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, etc., where you must use a web browser to check your email), you must first SAVE the form to your computer (in "XML" format), and then attach the saved file to an email addressed to The form will walk you through the process.
    1. You will be prompted to save the form to your computer, possibly on your desktop, as "RecordsRequestForm.xml." You may change the name of the file if you wish, but the "xml" extension is important so don't change that part. Make sure to make a note of where the file is being saved so you can find it when you want to attach it.
    2. Start up your web-based email program and create a new message. Address it to:
    3. Attach to your email the .xml file you just saved, then click "Send."

What happens after I submit the request form?

You should immediately receive an email from DEQ acknowledging that we have received your request. Your request will then be routed to people in the appropriate department or work group, who will locate the records you seek and figure out the fee, if any. We will then contact you, using the contact information you've provided on the form, to discuss the estimated fee (if any) and coordinate production of the files you're requesting.

Requesting Public Records from DEQ: Frequently Asked Questions.

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