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Land Use Compatibility Statement


The Oregon land use planning program, administered through the Department of Land Conservation and Development, requires that state agencies act in accordance with State land use planning goals and approved city and county comprehensive land use plans. DEQ has adopted State Agency Coordination Rules (Division 18) which contain the policies and procedures for assuring that DEQ land use-related permit and approval activities are consistent with state goals and local land use plans. According to these rules, the affected local government must review and approve the proposed land use, assuring that it is compatible with the local land use plan before DEQ can process and issue a permit or approval.


Land Use Compatibility Statements (LUCS) are documents signed by a local (city or county) planner either approving or disapproving a new project or modification to a source.

Downloadable Forms

  • LUCS
  • Onsite LUCS
    Land Use Compatibility Statement for onsite sewage disposal and treatment system permits
    Basic and General Air Contaminant Discharge Permits, Registration


The Land Use Compatibility Statement (LUCS) form is distributed with DEQ Permit or approval applications. The business or individual applying for a DEQ permit completes the Applicant’s Section of the LUCS, then submits the form to the local land use planning authority. The local planning staff reviews the LUCS, fills out the Local Government Section, signs and dates and returns the LUCS to the applicant. The completed LUCS is included in the permit or approval application submittal to DEQ.

Criteria for Local Approval

The land use planner reviewing the LUCS bases his/her decision on the project's general impact and compatibility with other types of land use in the area, and on whether it is allowable within its given zoning designation. The planner is likely to be interested in whether the proposed land use could

  • increase population
  • increase traffic or change traffic patterns
  • increase noise or pollution problems close to residential areas
  • increase work shifts on nights or weekends, or
  • involve a physical expansion.

Applicants should make sure that their proposed facility is described fully in the LUCS application so that the land use planner has the necessary information upon which to base a decision.

Land Use Contacts:

If your land use issue is in Eastern Region, contact:

  • Robert Baggett: 541-633-2036

If your land use issue is in Northwest Region, contact:

  • Audrey O'Brien: 503-229-5072
  • Cheryl Grabham: 503-504-7906

If your land use issue is in Western Region, contact:

  • Mike Kucinski: 541-687-7331
  • Mary Camarata: 541-687-7435

If your land use issue involves Land Quality programs/policies, contact:

  • Cheyanne Chapman: 503-229-6461

If your land use issue involves the Onsite (septic system) program, contact:

  • Robert Baggett: 541-633-2036
  • Randy Trox: 541-687-7338
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