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For release: Nov. 26, 2012

Sarah Wheeler, Environmental Law Specialist, Portland, 503-229-6927
Johnny Baumgartner, Air Quality Program, Portland, 503-229-6035

76 X-Press Gas Station in Tigard Fined $1,527 by DEQ For Improper Vapor Control System

The 76 X-Press gas station, at 12825 SW Pacific Highway, Tigard, has been fined $1,527 by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality for failing to maintain properly working vapor control systems for its gasoline dispensing operation.


The gas station operates under a general air contaminant discharge permit. Such permits specify guidelines that gas stations are to follow in making sure that their vapor balance systems are vapor tight, properly connected and in good working order. Control of gas vapors at gas stations is important because these vapors are considered hazardous air pollutants that may be harmful in general to human health and the environment.


DEQ had issued 76 X-Press LLC a warning letter in July 2012, directing the gas station to correct its vapor control system. The business did not address the problem, triggering formal enforcement action.


In addition to the penalty, DEQ had issued 76 X-Press LLC an order requiring the business to repair or replace its vapor recovery equipment by Nov. 19 so it would comply with its air contaminant discharge permit. DEQ confirmed the facility made the corrections at its gas pumps, and the facility is back in compliance.


DEQ had also cited 76 X-Press for failing to have a copy of its air contaminant discharge permit at its facility, but did not assess a civil penalty for that violation.

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