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For release: Aug. 14, 2012

Susan Elworth, Environmental Law Specialist, Portland, 503-229-5152
Tom Hack, Air Quality Specialist, Pendleton, 541-278-4626

Illegal Open Burning in Boardman Draws $425 Penalty

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has issued a $425 penalty to Leobardo Jacquez II for causing or allowing illegal open burning of prohibited materials on his property at 70239 Pioneer Lane in Boardman.


The penalty stems from a report of illegal open burning that DEQ received in May 2011 from the Boardman Police Department. A Boardman officer observed the open burning of garbage, including wiring and tires. Jacquez was at the burn site at the time of the burn, on May 4, 2011.


Wiring and tires emit dense and noxious smoke plumes when burned and therefore are “prohibited materials” which cannot be openly burned in Oregon. Open burning of such material creates a nuisance and poses a threat to the environment and public health of the young, elderly and those with respiratory conditions. Toxic levels of chemical exposure can result from burning these materials as well.


In calculating the penalty, DEQ noted that it had issued Jacquez a penalty for a previous open burning violation, in 2006.


Jacquez has until Aug. 30 to appeal the penalty.


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