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For release: April 3, 2012

Bryan Smith, Environmental Law Specialist, Portland, 503-229-5395
Dottie Boyd, Asbestos Inspector, Salem, 503-378-5086

Restoration Professionals & Consultants of Albany Fined $9,178 For Asbestos Violations on School Project in Tangent

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality has issued a total of $9,178 in penalties to Silver Star Group LLC, doing business as Restoration Professionals & Consultants, of Albany, for asbestos work practice and disposal violations related to an asbestos abatement project at Central Valley Christian School, at 31630 Highway 34 in Tangent, last summer.


In July and August 2011, Restoration Professionals removed about 1,000 square feet of asbestos-containing roofing materials at the school. DEQ issued two penalties for asbestos violations on the site:

·         Openly accumulating unpackaged and unlabeled asbestos-containing waste material on the site ($6,656 penalty). The material was plastic used during the project to contain the work area where asbestos was removed. Oregon law requires such contaminated material to be properly packaged and disposed of. DEQ observed the material on the school grounds in December 2011, several months after the asbestos removal project had been completed. School employees, and even some students, had removed a portion of the contaminated plastic waste themselves.

·         Failing to have an air clearance sample analysis properly conducted before the project was completed ($2,522 penalty). The company chose an alternative method of analysis for air clearance during the project, and only took one sample instead of the required five.


In issuing the penalty, DEQ stated it was concerned that this was the second time in the past year it penalized Restoration Professionals & Consultants, a licensed asbestos abatement contractor, because of asbestos violations.


Proper packaging and disposal of asbestos-containing waste material is of the utmost importance because asbestos fibers are a respiratory hazard proven to cause lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis. There is no known safe level of exposure to asbestos. Air clearance analysis is also critical, as it is a method DEQ uses to verify that the abatement area meets air quality safety requirements and is ready for re-occupation.


Restoration Professionals & Consultants/Silver Star Group LLC appealed the penalty on March 26.

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