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For release: Sept. 3, 2008

Kathy Kiwala, Oregon E-Cycles Program, Portland, (503) 229-6103
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Don’t Toss That TV!

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As people contemplate what to do with their televisions as the February 2009 switch to digital-only broadcasting approaches, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality is asking the public to avoid throwing away any unwanted television set or to seek out recyclers who can deal with the equipment properly and safely.


Most people don’t need to get rid of their existing television due to the switch to digital-only broadcasting, says Kathy Kiwala, manager of DEQ’s “Oregon E-Cycles” electronics waste program. For persons who choose to purchase a new digital TV and have an existing TV in working condition, there are several options:

·         Keep the old TV as a second TV for games, videos or DVDs

·         Give the old TV to a friend or donate it to a second-hand store.


If you have a TV set that no longer is working, bring it to a recycler, Kiwala says. TVs and other consumer electronics contain materials that can be used again. They also contain toxic components, which a responsible recycler can safely dispose of. To locate a recycler near you, see DEQ’s E-waste Web page at


Starting Jan. 1, 2009, Oregonians will be able to recycle their old TVs (as well as desktop computers, portable computers and monitors) for free through the “Oregon E-Cycles” Program. (The program will not include other electronic devices such as cell phones, fax machines and printers.) The program will provide convenient, free electronics recycling in every county, including at least one collection site in every city with a population of 10,000 or more. These items may be dropped off free of charge at designated locations, which will be determined by the end of the year.


Electronics manufacturers are funding the Oregon E-Cycles Program, which follows a product stewardship model in which manufacturers take responsibility for reducing the environmental impacts of their products.


For more information on e-waste recycling in Oregon, go to DEQ’s Web site at DEQ has also produced a fact sheet to answer questions people may have about discarding TV sets. It is available at:

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