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Material Recovery and Waste Generation Survey

Each year, the Department of Environmental Quality compiles data on post-consumer recycling. A survey is sent to all collection service providers and private recycling companies who handle such material. They provide detailed information on materials collected and marketed for recycling, composting or energy recovery. This survey data is combined with data gathered from disposal sites from quarterly or annual reporting forms. Together, recovery and disposal numbers make up the amount of waste generated by Oregonians each year.

Recovery information allows DEQ to determine energy savings and greenhouse gas reductions, two important environmental benefits. DEQ also calculates a recovery rate: The percentage of the total waste generated that is recovered in recycling, composting or energy recovery. Recovery, disposal and generation data, as well as recovery rates, are calculated both on a statewide basis and for each of the 35 individual wastesheds.



Individual (Private) Recyclers, Scrap Metal Dealers, and Electronics Recyclers are required to complete and submit the material recovery forms to DEQ by February 28 of each year. Recycling Collector (Hauler) survey forms are required to be completed and submitted to their Wasteshed Representative by January 31 of each year; the wasteshed representative is required to submit the completed forms to DEQ by February 28 of each year. Please contact Oregon DEQ's Materials Management staff, 503-229-6724, if you are recycler that sorts commingled material mixes, have not filled out any of these forms before, or do not already have a CID number.

Forms available for completing the surveys electronically:

  • Individual (Private) Recyclers Survey PDF XLSX
  • Recycling Collector Survey PDF XLSX
  • Attachments
    Attachment A is a list of "counting" materials and their definitions. Attachment B is measurement standards used for calculating the tonnage for reporting.

Describing the methodology and results of Oregon's Material Recovery and Waste Generation Surveys. The full report for the past two years, and the tables for the last four years are available online, for previous reports and tables please contact the nearest DEQ Solid Waste staff.

Oregon DEQ Response to New York Times "The Reign of Recycling"

Oregon DEQ has prepared this response to John Tierney's opinion piece "The Reign of Recycling":

[print version]


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