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Upstream Production and Consumption

  • Waste Prevention
    This paper examines the topic of waste prevention, the “reduce, reuse” part of the solid waste management hierarchy. It provides a summary of research findings on prevention, an overview of DEQ’s Waste Prevention Strategy, and a short discussion of key challenges moving forward.
  • Residential Green Building
    Residential green building is one element of DEQ’s work in waste prevention. This report summarizes the results of DEQ’s Life Cycle Assessment of residential waste prevention building practices, outcomes of that research and next steps for DEQ, and some emerging issues.
  • Sustainable Consumption and Waste Prevention
    This paper provides some background on sustainable consumption and explores its relationship with waste prevention. It concludes that DEQ’s traditional waste prevention work may be more effective if reframed clearly in the context of sustainable consumption.
  • Literature Review: Key Challenges in Sustainable Consumption
    This paper summarizes a literature review addressing the challenges specific to sustainable consumption.
  • Literature Review: Alternatives for Advancing Sustainable Production and Consumption through Government Programs and Policies
    This document summarizes the results of a broad but limited literature review specific to program and policy alternatives that support sustainable production and consumption.
  • Recommendations for Product Stewardship in Oregon
    This report recommends that Oregon pursue product stewardship as one strategy to reduce the environmental and public health impacts of products. It also recommends eight key elements for product stewardship programs and policy in Oregon.

End of Life/Recovery

  • More Jobs, Less Pollution: Growing the Recycling Economy in the US
    This EPA study demonstrates how an enhanced national recycling and composting strategy in the United States can address climate change, create jobs, and improve health. It provides examples of policy and regulatory approaches to achieve a 75 percent diversion rate for municipal solid waste and construction and demolition debris by 2030.
  • Oregon's Solid Waste Hierarchy - Intent and Uses
    This document describes the policy intent behind Oregon's solid waste hierarchy (reduce, reuse, recycle, compost, energy recovery and disposal) and DEQ's application of the guidance.
  • Trends in Oregon Waste Generation 1993-2010
    This document describes wastes tracked by DEQ, overall disposal and recovery trends for Oregon and trends in generation, disposal and recovery for individual material groups.
  • Materials Management and Greenhouse Gases
    A summary of how materials contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, and opportunities to reduce emissions through materials management.
  • Best Management Practices for Discarded Food Scraps
    This paper describes a food waste recovery hierarchy that identifies activities and practices intended to: 1) minimize the amount of food waste generated, and 2) beneficially use food discards.
  • What are "Conversion Technologies?"
    This paper describes processes and technologies used to convert the energy stored in carbon-containing organic wastes to chemicals and products which can be used to create energy or make new products. The paper also briefly identifies potential benefits and concerns relevant to conversion technologies.
  • Potential for Additional Material Recovery
    This paper examines current recovery rates for materials in Oregon, and evaluates several potential environmental impacts if recovery could be increased.


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