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Conversion Technology Rulemaking

Environmental Quality Commission Adopts Conversion Technology Rules

On August 22, 2013, the Oregon Environmental Quality Commission unanimously adopted DEQ’s proposed conversion technology rules. The new rules became effective upon filing with the Oregon Secretary of State on August 29, 2013. Some of the key provisions in the new rules include:

  • Anaerobic digesters are treated as composting facilities, with appropriate permit requirements located in the composting facility rules

  • A new permit classification for conversion technology facilities with permits issued based on the level of environmental and public health risk posed by the facility

  • Permit requirements appropriate for the level of risk posed by the facility

  • An appropriate fee schedule for conversion technology facilities

  • Exemptions from permit requirements for very low-risk conversion technology facilities

  • Performance standards all facilities must maintain, even those exempt from permit requirements

Fact sheet: Permit Exemptions for Conversion Technology Facilities

Notification Form: Conversion Technology Facility Permit Exemption

Presentation: Conversion Technology Rulemaking - from EQC meeting on August 22, 2013

Redline version of complete conversion technology rule package

Rulemaking Actions - DEQ Proposing New Rules, Standards For Solid Waste Conversion Technology Facilities

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality is proposing to create new performance standards and solid waste permit requirements for certain facilities in Oregon that convert waste into chemicals, fuels, products or energy.

The changes would come in the form of new state rules primarily governing conversion technology facilities, which use chemical or thermal processes to convert solid waste into a variety of byproducts. The rule also would cover anaerobic digestion facilities, which use biological processes to digest solid waste and create methane, which can be used to create electricity or transportation fuels.

The complete rulemaking proposal is available for public review on DEQ’s rulemaking web page. Other documents associated with the rulemaking are also available via that web page.

Proposed Rule Drafts as of November 14, 2012

Advisory Committee Resources

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Conversion technologies consist of a variety of biological, chemical and thermal (excluding incineration) processes that convert solid waste into chemicals, fuels and other products. Examples of conversion technologies include: anaerobic digestion, gasification, hydrolysis, and pyrolysis.

DEQ is developing a rule proposal that would define conversion technology, establish performance standards and solid waste permit requirements for conversion technology facilities.

If adopted, the proposed rules would establish regulatory clarity through performance standards and solid waste permit requirements for conversion technology facilities. This would assure environmental protection, establish an appropriate fee schedule for this new permit category and provide regulatory certainty for emerging technology providers and DEQ staff.

Additional Information

The links below provide background on conversion technologies:

For more information about the new conversion technology facility rules please contact Bob Barrows at 541-687-7354.

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