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DEQ now issues expedited enforcement offers in its Hazardous Waste Program. An EEO is an alternative to a traditional formal enforcement action. It is a written offer by DEQ to settle an alleged violation or violations of environmental law for a reduced penalty. EEOs can settle less serious hazardous waste violations and used oil violations that don’t result in significant adverse impact on human health or the environment.

EEOs are part of DEQ’s efforts to use more efficient, appropriate tools in its environmental law compliance and enforcement work. Oregon Administrative Rule 340-012-0170 authorizes and provides the framework for this alternative process.

How it works

An EEO lists qualifying violations and requires correction. It identifies violations DEQ determines from an inspection or report review. An entity receiving the EEO has 30 days to accept or reject the offer. Acceptance of the offer includes penalty payment and agreement to correct all alleged violations within a specified timeframe determined by DEQ.

Once a company signs the EEO, the offer becomes a department order. It includes required corrective actions and a compliance schedule listing the timeline a company has to return to compliance with hazardous waste and used oil requirements.

If a company declines an EEO, DEQ will enforce through traditional means by issuing a formal enforcement action with a higher civil penalty and allowing the party the right to appeal. If a company accepts an EEO but then does not correct identified violations, the company will then be in violation of a department order and face additional penalties.

More information

For more details on hazardous waste expedited enforcement officers, contact DEQ’s Office of Compliance and Enforcement in Portland at 503-229-6927 or call toll-free in Oregon at 800-452-4011, ext. 6927.

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