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Consumption-based Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory for Oregon  

Oregon residents and businesses contribute to emissions of greenhouse gases in many ways. For many years, Oregon has conducted an “inventory” of greenhouse gas emissions. Like other states, Oregon has historically focused on counting emissions from sources inside the state’s borders. But that focus only tells part of the story of how Oregon contributes to climate change. As a result of purchasing goods and services, Oregonians contribute to emissions around the world. Until recently, the contribution of Oregonians to these out-of-state emissions has not been well understood.

A new inventory approach – called “consumption-based emissions inventory” supplements the traditional inventory. It estimates the emissions – both in-state and elsewhere - associated with consumption by Oregon residents, businesses and governments. More than half of these consumption-based emissions occur in other states or nations.

Together with the traditional inventory of in-state emissions, the consumption-based emissions inventory tells a more complete story of how Oregon contributes to climate change and, by extension, opportunities to reduce emissions.

Oregon has estimated the global greenhouse gas emissions associated with satisfying Oregon’s consumption for calendar years 2010 and 2005.



  • Oregon’s 2010 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory
    Oregon’s 2010 greenhouse gas emissions inventory brings the consumption-based inventory perspective and the traditional in-boundary inventory together into a single report. A third inventory perspective takes an expanded look at emissions associated with transportation.


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