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Consumption-based Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory for Oregon  

DEQ utilizes two types of greenhouse gas inventories: the in-boundary inventory and the consumption-based inventory. The inventories utilize different accounting methods and each encompasses a unique scope of emissions, with some overlap. This page summarizes the consumption-based emissions inventory.

The consumption-based emissions inventory supplements the in-boundary inventory by estimating the emissions – both in-state and elsewhere - associated with consumption by Oregon residents, businesses and governments. More than half of these consumption-based emissions occur in other states or nations and are not included in the in-boundary inventory. Together these inventories tell a more complete story of how Oregon contributes to climate change and, by extension, opportunities to reduce emissions.

DEQ has estimated the global greenhouse gas emissions associated with satisfying Oregon’s consumption for calendar years 2005, 2010, 2012, and 2014. The reports below provide results of those inventories and detail the specific methods utilized to estimate consumption-based emissions.




  • Oregon’s 2010 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory
    Oregon’s 2010 greenhouse gas emissions inventory brings the consumption-based inventory perspective and the traditional in-boundary inventory together into a single report. A third inventory perspective takes an expanded look at emissions associated with transportation.


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