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Site Summary Full Report - Details for Site ID 55, JH Baxter & Co. - Eugene

This report shows data entered as of May 31, 2016 at 4:42:29 PM

This report contains site details, organized into the following sections: 1) Site Photos (appears only if the site has photos); 2) General Site Information; 3) Site Characteristics; 4) Substance Contamination Information; 5) Investigative, Remedial and Administrative Actions; and 6) Site Environmental Controls (i.e., institutional or engineering controls; appears only if DEQ has applied one or more such controls to the site).  A key to certain acronyms and terms used in the report appears at the bottom of the page.

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General Site Information

Site ID: 55 Site Name: JH Baxter & Co. - Eugene CERCLIS No: 009032400
Address: 85 Baxter St. Eugene 97402
  County: Lane Region: Western
Other location information:
Investigation Status: Listed on CRL or Inventory
  Brownfield Site: No NPL Site: No Orphan Site: No Study Area: No
Property: Twnshp/Range/Sect: 17S , 4W , 27 Tax Lots: 100, 103
  Latitude: 44.0627 deg. Longitude: -123.1541 deg.  Site Size: 42.5 acres
Other Site Names:

Site Characteristics

General Site Description:
Site History:
Contamination Information: (3/11/94 AL/SRS) 3 sources of contamination have been identified and include the runoff containment pond and associated land irrigation; the retort facilities; and the former burn pit.
Manner and Time of Release: Operating practices, discharge to unlined pond, burning from 1945 to present.
Hazardous Substances/Waste Types: PCP, creosote, arsenic, chromium, copper, dioxins/furans
Pathways: Groundwater, soil, and surface water are contaminated. Contaminated storm water moves off-site (this is being addressed through DEQ stormwater discharge permit #101072). Sediments sampled from the on-site settling pond were found to be contaminated with copper, arsenic, PCP, and dioxins/furans.
Environmental/Health Threats: Potential for exposure to contaminated soil and groundwater. Compounds found at the site are known or suspected carcinogens.
Status of Investigative or Remedial Action: (3/11/94 AL/SRS) In 12/85, DEQ issued a NPDES permit for an on-site surface impoundment. Among other things, the permit required Baxter to initiate a groundwater monitoring program at the site. (To date, the company has completed 3 phases of a groundwater investigation. They have also submitted quarterly GW monitoring reports since 1986.) An administrative Consent Order for an RI became effective 8/7/89. The temporary discharge to the Eugene POTW continued through the 4th quarter. Carbon polishing units were added to the treatment system during 12/93 and discharge to surface water initiated during 1/94. Treated water meets the NPDES levels. Phase II RI on-site soil sampling was conducted during 1/94; quarterly water sampling was conducted during 2/94. Project issues: extent of groundwater, surface water, and soil contamination. (NMW/SRS 7/14/95) Surface water treatment system in design stage, for treatment of water before passing to city stormwater system. (8/95 NMW) FS Work Plan report submitted. (7/6/98 PSR/SRP) Progress continues toward completion of the RI/FS. Revisions to the Oregon Environmental Cleanup Laws and rules required additional data collection and analysis, temporarily delaying completion of the RI/FS. The primary remaining RI tasks include completion of the ecological risk assessment, determination of the presence and/or extent of off-site arsenic and PAH contamination in soil, revision of the human health risk assessment, and identification of "hot spots" of contamination. Following their completion, work on the FS will begin. Operation of the groundwater interim remedial action system (IRAM) initiated in 1/94 continues. 173 million gallons of groundwater containing approx. 730 lbs of PCP have been extracted and treated through June 1999. The PCP groundwater plume has been found to extend off-site to the west and northwest of the facility. A supplemental groundwater investigation was completed in Summer 2001 to determine the extent of this contamination. (4/25/02 PSR/SRS) The project schedule calls for completing the RI/FS by December 2002.

(2/15/05 GCB) DEQ is working with JH Baxter to finalize the risk assessment and begin working on Remedial Action Objectives for the Feasibility Study.

(9/11/07GCB) Baxter proposed an interm remedial action consisting of placing a soil cap over the eastern 11 acres of the site. DEQ recommends completing the interim action, pending closure of the public comment period on 9/30/07.
Data Sources: Project file located in Eugene DEQ office.

Substance Contamination Information

Substance Media Contaminated Concentration Level Date Recorded
ACENAPHTHENE Groundwater 2,300 ppb  
ARSENIC Groundwater 0.18 ppm  
CRESOLs Groundwater 900 ppb  
FLUORANTHENE Groundwater 3,100 ppb  
NAPHTHALENE Groundwater 10,000 ppb  
PENTACHLOROPHENOL Groundwater 4,300 ppb  
PHENANTHRENE Groundwater 5,400 ppb  
PYRENE Groundwater 2,200 ppb  

Investigative, Remedial and Administrative Actions

Action Start Date Compl. Date Resp. Staff Lead Pgm
EPA Basic Preliminary Assessment 08/01/1984 08/01/1984
EPA Screening Site Inspection 1 12/02/1985 12/17/1985
RCRA Corrective Action 12/17/1985   John Odisio SAS
Site added to database 04/13/1988   John Odisio SAS
Responsible party notified re 11/88 Inventory listing 11/30/1988   SAS
SITE EVALUATION 01/02/1989 01/03/1989 Ann LeVine SRS
Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study recommended 01/03/1989 01/03/1989 Ann LeVine SRS
NEGOTIATIONS 01/04/1989 08/07/1989 Ann LeVine SRS
Site added to CERCLIS 07/01/1989  
Consent Order 08/07/1989 08/07/1989 Ann LeVine SRS
REMEDIAL INVESTIGATION 08/07/1989 10/01/1994 Neil Woller SRS
Proposal for Confirmed Release List recommended 09/12/1990 09/12/1990 Ann LeVine SRS
Listing Review completed 09/12/1990 09/12/1990 Ann LeVine SRS
Proposal for Inventory recommended 09/12/1990 09/12/1990 Ann LeVine SRS
Facility proposed for Inventory 10/09/1990 10/09/1990 Ann LeVine SRS
Facility proposed for Confirmed Release List 10/09/1990 10/09/1990 Ann LeVine SRS
Listing on Inventory recommended 02/25/1991 02/25/1991 Ann LeVine SRS
Review for final listing 02/25/1991 02/25/1991 Ann LeVine SRS
Listing on Confirmed Release List recommended 02/25/1991 02/25/1991 Ann LeVine SRS
Facility placed on Inventory 05/23/1991 05/23/1991 Loretta Pickerell SAS
Facility placed on Confirmed Release List 05/23/1991 05/23/1991 Loretta Pickerell SAS
SITE SCORING 09/25/1992 09/25/1992 SAS
Extension requested by owner/operator 11/20/1992 11/20/1992 SAS
Petition or request granted 11/21/1992 11/21/1992 SAS
REMOVAL 12/01/1992 12/01/1993 Ann LeVine SRS
EPA Site Inspection Prioritization 03/22/1993 03/22/1993
No Further Remedial Action Planned under Federal program 03/22/1993 03/22/1993
FEASIBILITY STUDY 12/01/1994   Geoffrey Brown SRS
REMEDIAL ACTION 09/11/2007   Geoffrey Brown SRS
REMEDIAL ACTION 11/05/2010 11/05/2010 Geoffrey Brown SRS
Partial No Further Action 01/11/2011 01/11/2011 Geoffrey Brown SRS
OPERATION & MAINTENANCE  (Primary Action) 08/28/2014   Greg Aitken SRS

Site Environmental Controls

Control Description Begin Date End Date Last Reviewed By Last Review Date
Easement Equitable Servitude 11/17/2010   G. Brown, DEQ
  Comments: Deacribes ongoing requirements to maintain the engineered cap over the eastern 11 acres of the site (Tax Lot 103)
Cap, engineered 12/13/2007   G. Aitken, DEQ 08/28/2014
  Comments: Engineered cap over the eastern 11 acres of the site (Tax Lot 103).

Key to Certain Acronyms and Terms in this Report:

  • CERCLIS No.: The U.S. EPA's Hazardous Waste Site identification number, shown only if EPA has been involved at the site.
  • Region: DEQ divides the state into three regions, Eastern, Northwest, and Western; the regional office shown is responsible for site investigation/cleanup.
  • NPL Site: Is this site on EPA's National Priority List (i.e., a federal Superfund site)? (Y/N).
  • Orphan Site: Has DEQ's Orphan Program been active at this site? (Y/N). The Orphan Program uses state funds to clean up high-priority sites where owners and operators responsible for the contamination are absent, or are unable or unwilling to use their own resources for cleanup.
  • Study Area: Is this site a Study Area? (Y/N). Study Areas are groupings of individual ECSI sites that may be contributing to a larger, area-wide problem. ECSI assigns unique Site ID numbers to both individual sites and to Study Areas.
  • Pathways: A description of human or environmental resources that site contamination could affect.
  • Lead Pgm: This column refers to the Cleanup Program affiliation of the DEQ employee responsible for the action shown. SAS or SAP = Site Assessment; VCS or VCP = Voluntary Cleanup; ICP = Independent Cleanup; SRS or SRP = Site Response (enforcement cleanup); ORP = Orphan Program.

You may be able to obtain more information about this site by contacting Greg Aitken at the Western regional office or via email at If this does not work, you may contact Gil Wistar at (503) 229-5512, or via email at or contact the Western regional office.

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