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Environmental Cleanup Site Information (ECSI) Database Site Summary Report - Details for Site ID 3222, Springvilla Dry Cleaner

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Environmental Cleanup Site Information (ECSI) Database Site Summary Report - Details for Site ID 3222, Springvilla Dry Cleaner

Site Photos
Click to View Photo Picture Date Caption Size
View Photo 02/11/2003 On 2/11/03 installing shallow vapor collection and shallow wells inside the former Springvilla and adjacent building. Vapor recovery is intended to decrease intrusion of dry cleaning solvent vapors. 23 Kb
View Photo 02/11/2003 Contractors hooking up sub-slab ventilation piping (to vent pipe riser); and shallow vapor well piping to centralized header/access point in vault. 33 Kb
View Photo 08/10/2004 Initial demolition activities, removing the former Springvilla Dry Cleaners space adjacent to larger former Waremart Foods supermarket building 26 Kb
View Photo 08/22/2007 August 2007: Drilling bioremediation injection well IN-7i 1653 Kb
View Photo 08/29/2007 August 2007: Trenchs excavated for pipe runs to and from injection/extraction wells 2267 Kb
View Photo 08/29/2007 August/September 2007: Injection/extraction and electrical conduit runs in tranches prior to backfilling 2552 Kb
View Photo 08/31/2004 Hot spot soil excvation. Sanitary sewer line visible across excavation was shored and preserved. 46 Kb
View Photo 08/31/2004 Excavated soil being placed into soil treatment cell for vapor extraction treatment. Vapors captured using granular activated carbon. 61 Kb
View Photo 09/01/2004 Vapor recovery piping being assembled before installation in upper foot of gravel backfill in hot spot excavation 59 Kb
View Photo 09/02/2004 Soil treatment pile completed prior to start up. 52 Kb
View Photo 09/05/2007 September 2007: Bioremediation system enclosure getting set up 1866 Kb
View Photo 09/15/2004 New concrete and vapor recovery piping (left) and injection port (subgrade in vault, right) 28 Kb

General Site Information

Site ID: 3222 Site Name: Springvilla Dry Cleaner CERCLIS No:
Address: NE intersection of Mohawk & Centennial Sts. Springfield 97477
  County: Lane Region: Western
Other location information: The Springvilla Dry Cleaners site is located at 1459 Mohawk Blvd. (In 2000, Springvilla relocated to 1460 Mohawk Blvd.) (1/23/04 DEH) The former dry cleaners was located in a strip of shops attached to the building that last housed a Waremart Foods supermarket. The supermarket space has been vacant for several years.
Investigation Status: Listed on CRL or Inventory
Brownfield Site: No NPL Site: No Orphan Site: No Study Area: No
Property: Twnshp/Range/Sect: 17S , 3W , 25 Tax Lots: 400
  Latitude: 44.0572 deg. Longitude: -122.9999 deg.  Site Size: ~16 acres
Other Site Names:
  Mohawk Shopping Center
  McKay Investment Co.

Site Characteristics

General Site Description: (6/23/10 DEH) Springvilla Cleaners operated at the Mohawk Shopping center until about 2000, when it closed. Spills and/or releases of the dry cleaning solvent tetrachloroethylene (PCE) occurred historically at the former cleaners and they have contaminated the soil and groundwater beneath the shopping center. Groundwater contamination has also spread off-site to the west and southwest. The shopping center is currently partly vacant, including a large former grocery store (Waremart/Winco). DEQ is currently conducting cleanup activities in the Dry Cleaner Program.
Site History: Springvilla Dry Cleaner operated at the Mohawk Shopping Center from the 1960s to 2000. Perchloroethylene (PCE) contamination was discovered at the shopping center during a 2000 environmental investigation by a potential purchaser. The dry operated at the site under several names, including Springvilla Cleaners and SpringVilla Coin-op. The shopping center was previously owned by the McKay Investment Company, however the shopping center was sold in 2008 to Steven Yett.
Contamination Information: (1/13/03 DH) Perchloroethylene (PCE) contamination was discovered at the Mohawk Shopping Center in April 2000 during an environmental investigation by a potential purchaser. A subsequent investigation by the shopping center owner traced the contamination to a broken drain line at the former Springvilla Dry Cleaners. PCE and associated breakdown products were detected at concentrations up to 7,100 ug/L in groundwater beneath the site. The shopping center owner applied to DEQ's Dry Cleaner Program in December 2001 and was accepted in January 2002.

(1/23/04 DEH) In December 2003 DEQ's contractor sampled additional beneficial use (irrigation) wells west, north and south of the site and found several wells to be contaminated with PCE above the drinking water standards. The extent of contamination from the site, however, has not been defined. Multiple sources of solvent contamination may exist.
Manner and Time of Release: Accidental discharge of wastewater through a separated storm sewer drain line into the groundwater aquifer. Release probably occurred prior to 1990 (when wastewater was routed through an evaporator).
Hazardous Substances/Waste Types: Perchloroethylene (PCE) and associated breakdown products. Listed RCRA waste.

(2/8/05 DEH/SRS) Soil removed from the site during the removal action in 2004 contained listed hazardous waste when it was generated. DEQ conducted a "Contained-In" determination following soil treatment and determined that the soil no longer contained hazardous waste. The treated soil contained PCE at levels below DEQ's residential soil RBCs. The soil was transported to a subtitle D landfill as non-hazardous.
Pathways: Springvilla Dry Cleaners was a tenant of the Mohawk Shopping Center, and to date the only known source of contamination at the shopping center. A single large groundwater aquifer serves as the municipal water supply for the City of Springfield. Contamination from Springvilla has impacted this aquifer. The nearest municipal well is about 2,400 ft NE of the site, but a proposed new well water supply would be only 2,000 ft north of the site. Groundwater flow direction is generally to the west at shallow depths, gradually turning toward the north at deeper depths. The effect of the municipal wells on the groundwater flow direction has not been determined. (1/23/04 DEH) Several residential irrigation wells have been identified in the vicinity of the Mohawk shopping center. Irrigation and industrial wells are also located at the McKenzie-Willamette hospital and at the Willamalane Park, which are southwest of the site.

(2/21/03 DEH/SRS) A monitoring well was installed between the site and the Springfield Utility Board (SUB) supply well in 2002. Dry cleaning chemicals were not detected in this monitoring well, but were detected in at least one nearby residential irrigation well at very low levels. The nature and extent of groundwater contamination still needs to be investigated, but there does not appear to be an imminent threat to SUB water supply wells at this time.
Environmental/Health Threats: (2/21/03 DEH/SRS) Groundwater contamination from this site threatens the aquifer from which the City of Springfield (Springfield Utility Board) draws its municipal supply. Groundwater beneath the neighborhoods west of the site is also tapped by private irrigation wells, although the number and location of these wells are not well understood. Further investigation into groundwater use and the extent of off-site contamination is needed to better understand the potential threats to nearby residents.

(12/21/04 DEH/SRS) Vapors from contamianted soil and/or shallow groundwater may also be a threat to people indoors above the contamination. Air samples collected in the former Waremart building initially contained PCE and TCE above occupational exposure levels. This building is currently not occupied. Removal activities conducted in August and September 2004 removed the most contaminated soil, and installed a vapor recovery system and vapor barrier, which should protect workers in the building in the future.
Status of Investigative or Remedial Action: (6/23/10 DH) DEQ initiated a focused Site Investigation at the Mohawk Shopping Center in February 2002. The full extent of the groundwater contamination has not been determined.

(2/21/03 DEH/SRS) Concentrations of dry cleaning solvent (specifically PCE) in the shallow soils and groundwater beneath the former dry cleaner and adjacent building areas are very high and could pose a health threat to occupants or workers in these buildings. Taking advantage of vacancies in both the former dry cleaner space and the former Waremart Foods space, DEQ installed aeration equipment under the concrete slab of the buildings in both of these spaces to protect occupants in the future. The work, which was done in February 2003, included installing vapor recovery piping as well as several shallow well points. The vapor recovery piping is connected to a small vacuum blower that should remove solvent vapors from beneath the building. The shallow well points could allow for remote treatment of the source soils and groundwater beneath the building in the future, using biological/chemical treatments or soil vapor extraction.

(1/23/04 DEH) Shallow vapor recovery continues. DEQ is currently assessing the feasibility of additional interim remedial action measures. Currently DEQ is assessing installing a soil vapor extraction (SVE) system using the existing piping and wells beneath the building.

(Updated 6/23/10 DEH) DEQ, with cooperation from the owner, McKay Investment Company, conducted a removal action in August and September 2004 to address the source soils that were present beneath the former cleaners building. McKay removed the cleaners building and temporarily supported the former Waremart Foods building to allow DEQ's contractor to excavate about 150 cubic yards of soil from the former dry cleaning operation. The soil was treated on site by soil vapor extraction with vapor phase carbon filtration. Soil was treated to below residential risk based levels, a Contained-In Determination completed, and then sent for disposal at a Subtitle D Landfill. During excavation, DEQ's contractors installed subsurface piping near the water table to allow for injection of chemical oxidants or biological stimulants or enhancing agents. In September 2004 1,100 gallons of 4% sodium permanganate solution were injected into the gallery to help treat residual hot spot soil and groundwater contamination. Injections of an electron donor such as vegetable will be considered in the future to allow for subsequent natural degradation of residual chlorinated solvents.

(10/14/08 DEH) Groundwater bioremediation project implemented in August 2007 to reduce levels of VOCs at and downgradient of the former dry cleaners.

(6/23/10 DEH) In August 2009 DEQ injected emulsified oil into direct push borings in a grid array beneath the former Waremart store as part of the removal action to reduce shallow VOC concentratios in groundwater beneath the building and help prevent future vapor intrusion issues . The groundwater removal action recirculation activities were stopped in late August 2009.
Performance groundwater monitoring and a Remedial Investigation/Feasibilitly Study remain as data gaps.
Data Sources: Interim Remedial Action Measures (IRAM) Memo, December 15, 2004
Groundwater Monitoring Report, December 15, 2004
IRAM Work Plan, August 4, 2004
Site Investigation Report - October 17, 2002
Site Investigation Work Plans - various dates
Expanded Beneficial Use Evaluation

Substance Contamination Information

Substance Media Contaminated Concentration Level Date Recorded
No information is available

Investigative, Remedial and Administrative Actions

Action Start Date Compl. Date Resp. Staff Lead Pgm
REMEDIAL INVESTIGATION  (Primary Action) 04/22/2011   Greg Aitken SRS
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Site Environmental Controls

Control Description Begin Date End Date Last Reviewed By Last Review Date
Liner, synthetic 09/01/2004   Don Hanson 12/21/2004
  Comments: Vapor barrier beneath concrete poured over soil removal area

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