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Quality Assurance Project and Sampling and Analysis Plans

Organizations wishing to participate in the Volunteer Monitoring Program must complete a plan which documents why they are doing the monitoring, how the data will be used, what methods will be used and how the data will be reported. General procedures are outlined in the Water Quality Volunteer Monitoring QAPP. Groups should review this QAPP to make sure they understand and agree to the general procedures that pertain to volunteer groups. Organizations then must complete their own Sampling and Analysis Plan (SAP) which describes aspects of the monitoring that are specific to their project. Completed SAP's are submitted to the ODEQ Volunteer Monitoring Specialist for review and approval by the ODEQ Quality Assurance Officer. The Volunteer Monitoring Specialist is available to meet with your group to help work through the details of these plans.

Equipment and Protocols

Data Management and Data Submission to DEQ

Volunteer monitoring groups submit continuous temperature and grab water quality data to the Volunteer Monitoring Specialist. Data providers are asked to assign data quality levels to all results submitted to the DEQ; however, all electronic quality control information should be submitted with field results to assist with DEQ's data review. Field data quality levels are assigned based on criteria from the Data Quality Matrix

Continuous Temperature data

Tools for managing continuous temperature data include:

Continuous temperature data may be submitted to the Volunteer Monitoring Specialist in one or two formats:

  1. Audit_Master.xls  sheet containing all the required metadata and quality control information. Raw, unclipped, field data is attached as individual text files or as multiple spreadsheets in a single workbook file; or
  2. Continuous_AuditFormat_2.3.xls workbook containing all required metadata, quality control information and spreadsheets with all the unclipped temperature results from the field deployment.

For more information on continuous temperature submission options contact the Volunteer Monitoring Specialist.

Grab water quality data

The Evaluating Your Data for Data Quality presentation provides information on assigning data quality levels to grab water quality data.

The Accuracy_Calculator.xls file can be used to keep track of routine accuracy checks for grab water quality parameters.

Grab Water Quality data should be submitted to the Volunteer Monitoring Specialist in the Vol_WQ_Grab_Data_SubmittalFormat_2.1.xls format. Descriptions of the required data elements for this format can be found within the workbook or in the grab data submittal help file.

Find Volunteer Water Quality Data

Data generated by organizations using DEQ Volunteer Monitoring Program equipment is public information.

To find data from an organization in your area locate monitoring stations by selecting search criteria and choose your local organization. For more information on using the LASAR Web interface visit the LASAR Help page.

If you are a volunteer data owner who has submitted your data to DEQ and it has not appeared on the LASAR web page please contact Steve Hanson by email or at 503.693.5737

Data Analysis and Presentation Workshop

The following presentations were part of a presentation co-facilitated by Steve Hanson, DEQ Volunteer Monitoring Specialist, and Beth Lambert, Watershed Management Educator, OSU Extension Service, Tillamook. Download the following presentations:

[print version]

For more information about DEQ's Laboratory and Environmental Assessment Program please email LEAP.


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