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Air Quality Index

The Air Quality Index is a color-coded tool that categorizes air quality. The map below shows the location of DEQ air quality monitoring stations throughout Oregon. Select a station near you by clicking on one of the colored dots.

The dots on the map change color depending on the current air quality health level at each station. You can quickly assess statewide air quality based on the color of the dots. The meaning of the colors can be found below the map.

Note: AQI map currently works best with Chrome or Firefox browsers. The map might take extra time to load for mobile users.

Sept. 5, 2017:
Due to high web traffic the AQI map may not load. Retry loading or go to the for another air quality map.

The ozone monitors have been removed from the AQI during the forest fire impacts because they report good while the air may be unhealthy for PM2.5.

Map last refreshed on 3/19/2018 at 9:23:15 PM PDT
AQI Station Map Notes:
  • The data displayed are the most current available.
  • All readings are preliminary and unvalidated. Following final review, all values are subject to change.
  • New AQI readings will be available at approximately 15-20 minutes past the hour. The AQI map will refresh asynchronously at this time.
  • The units ppm and µg/m3 stand for parts per million and micrograms per cubic meter, respectively. Both are used in the measurement of air pollutant concentration.
Air Quality
Air Quality Index (AQI) PM2.5 1-hour Average (µg/m3) PM2.5 24-hour Average (µg/m3) Ozone 8-hour Average (ppm)


0 - 50

0 - 38

0.0 - 12.0

0.000 - 0.054


51 - 100

39 - 88

12.1 - 35.4

0.055 - 0.070


101 - 150

89 - 138

35.5 - 55.4

0.071 - 0.085


151 - 200

138 - 351

55.5 - 150.4

0.086 - 0.105


201 - 300

352 - 526

150.5 - 250.4

0.106 - 0.200






Table 1. The Air Quality Index is the EPA's scale for rating air quality

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Coming soon

Oregon DEQ will be launching a new Air Quality Index system by the end of the year. The new system will include a mobile application. Please check back for updates.

For more information about DEQ's Laboratory and Environmental Assessment Division please email LEAD.

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