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Vehicles Required to Test

Is your vehicle required to pass the emissions test?

Please use the VIP Boundary-Matching tool for address verification.

The maps above illustrate the general testing area for the greater Portland Metro area. Please use the VIP Boundary-Matching tool for address verification.

If your vehicle is registered with Driver and Motor Vehicles (DMV) within or near the Portland-Metro area you may need to obtain a Certificate of Compliance demonstrating your vehicle passes DEQ’s emissions test. Your renewal/registration form mailed to you from DMV should indicate if testing is required.

To determine if your vehicle is registered within a DEQ emissions testing boundary visit our VIP Boundary-Address Matching tool or contact DEQ’s Vehicle Inspection Program at 503-229-5066.

Vehicles that must be tested

  • All 1975 and newer cars, trucks, vans, motor homes and buses powered by gasoline, alternative fuels (such as propane) or hybrids registered within the DEQ Portland area boundaries.
  • All 1975 and newer diesel powered vehicles with a manufacturer's gross weight rating of 8,500 pounds or less (This includes all passenger cars and most light-duty trucks) registered within the DEQ Portland area boundaries.

Vehicles temporarily located outside of Oregon

If your vehicle is temporarily out of Oregon at the time your DMV registration renewal is due, please call toll-free 1-877-476-0583 (Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.) or visit our Questions and Comments page.

Vehicles new to Oregon

Vehicles new to Oregon will need a vehicle identification number inspection. A $7 fee will be charged by the Oregon DMV at the time of registration. A VIN inspection can be performed for most vehicles along with the emissions test with the exception of the following:

  • Out-of-country vehicles
  • Vehicles with a salvaged title
  • Vehicles with a reconstructed title
  • Vehicles not required to test (for example, motorcycles, trailers, or diesel-powered vehicles over 8,500 pounds, gross vehicle weight rating GVWR)
  • Vehicles registering outside DEQ vehicle inspection boundaries

Newer Model Year Vehicle Exemption

Please visit our Newer Model Year Vehicles page for more information and to see if your vehicle qualifies.

Vehicles that are exempt from testing

If your vehicle is listed below it is exempt and you may need to fill out a Declaration of Exemption form and return it to DMV with your registration renewal. Contact DEQ at 971-673-1630 or toll free in Oregon at 877-476-0583 to obtain the form.

  • Heavy duty diesel-powered vehicles (gross vehicle weight rating 8,501 or more)
  • Vehicles legally registered outside DEQ program boundaries
  • Motorcycles and low-speed vehicles (mopeds, golf carts, tractors, all-terrain vehicles, etc.)
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For questions or feedback on the Vehicle Inspection Program, visit our Question and Comment page, or call one of our area contact numbers below:
Portland Area: 503-229-5066
Medford Area: 541-776-6145
Toll-Free in Oregon: 877-476-0583
Hearing Impaired: 711

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