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Information for Oregon Producers and Importers

Bulletin: Updates to the Oregon Clean Fuels Program - December 2013

Am I an importer regulated by the Clean Fuels Program?

An “Importer” (OAR 340-253-0100(27)) means the person who imports a blendstock or a finished fuel from outside Oregon into Oregon:

  • With respect to any imported liquid fuel, it means the person who owns the fuel in the stationary storage tank into which the fuel was first transferred after it was imported into Oregon.

Am I a small importer?

If you import 250,000 gallons or less of fuel into Oregon per calendar year, then you are a small importer. Small Oregon importers must register with DEQ, but are exempt from recordkeeping and reporting requirements.

What are finished fuels?

Finished fuels can be used directly in a motor vehicle without additional chemical or physical processing. Examples of finished fuels are clear gasoline, E10, clear diesel and B5.

Large importers of finished fuels must register with DEQ. They must also keep records of each transaction for fuel imported into Oregon that includes the name of the fuel, date of the transaction, fuel volume, and how it was transported to Oregon.

What are blendstocks?

Blendstocks are components that must be blended with other components to be used in a motor vehicle. Examples of blendstocks are ethanol and biodiesel.

Importers of blendstocks must register with DEQ. They must keep all the records that large importers of finished fuels do. In addition, they must keep records about the producer of the non-petroleum blendstocks (biofuels) and its approved carbon intensity value.

Am I an Oregon producer?

An “Oregon producer” is the person who makes the liquid blendstock or finished fuel at an Oregon production facility. An “Oregon production facility” means a facility located in Oregon that produces any liquid blendstock or finished fuel.

An Oregon producer must register with DEQ and keep the same records as an importer of blendstocks.

Registration Requirements 

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