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Smoke created from wood burning is a significant source of air pollution and has serious health consequences for those with asthma, respiratory or heart conditions, or other illnesses. Children and the elderly are especially at risk.

Wood smoke is more a problem in the winter when there are weather conditions that cause stagnant air. As a result, wood smoke is trapped close to the ground in neighborhoods. This is of particular concern because it causes air quality problems in many communities and in some cases causes violations of the federal health standard for PM2.5.

DEQ has developed the statewide woodstove program to eliminate older, polluting woodstoves and help clean up the air. Your community may have additional rules governing the use of woodstoves and fireplaces. Check with your city or county government to ask about local wood smoke ordinances.

DEQ's Heat Smart Program is available for those buying or selling woodstoves.

Fact Page: Buying or Selling a Home With a Woodstove or Fireplace Insert | printable version

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