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Oregon's Heat Smart Program:
Required removal of uncertified woodstoves and fireplace inserts upon home sale   

Selling a house with a woodstove?

If you are selling or purchasing a home with a woodstove or fireplace insert you must ensure the woodstove is certified prior to sale of the home. If it is not certified, it must be removed and destroyed so that is impossible to be restored or reused as a heating device. Once destroyed, the stove must be disposed of and reported to DEQ. It is unlawful to sell or offer to sell an uncertified stove in Oregon. Click on the factsheet below for more information on the steps to take when buying or selling a home with an uncertified woodstove or fireplace insert.

Fact Sheet: Buying or Selling a Home with a Woodstove or Fireplace Insert

Presentation: Oregon's Uncertified Woodstove Removal Requirements

Examples of Certification Labels

Certified woodstoves and fireplace inserts have either an Oregon DEQ or U.S. EPA label on the back of the device which means the stove is certified to meet emissions standards.

Info Page: Examples of certified woodstove labels

What devices are not required to be certified or removed?

  • Fireplaces
  • Pellet stoves
  • Antique stoves
  • Cookstoves
  • Masonry heaters
  • Central wood-fired furnaces

Submitting notification to DEQ that an uncertified woodstove or fireplace insert was removed and disposed of?

Click on the appropriate link below to fill out the electronic form. Once you've completed the online form, you will immediately receive a confirmation number from DEQ. Retain the email with the confirmation number for your records. Lenders may ask you for this as documentation that you have met the removal and disposal requirements.

  Home seller or buyer     Other party/stove remover*

*e.g. hearth products store, contractor, realtor filling out form for client

If you cannot submit your information online, please contact the DEQ to obtain a paper reporting form. 503-229-5868.

Disposing of the uncertified stove?

Once you’ve removed and destroyed an uncertified woodstove or fireplace insert, you need to dispose of it and notify DEQ.


  • Potential places to take your uncertified stove
    DEQ recommends taking removed and destroyed uncertified devices at a scrap metal dealer or metal recycling facility. The list above provides the names and locations of several businesses around the state that will accept these devices.

  • Example disposal receipt
    You don't have to submit the disposal receipt to DEQ - just keep it for your records and for reporting online you can use this form to document destruction of the stove – but you must still notify DEQ that you’ve removed the stove.

Info Page: Frequently asked questions on removal requirements for uncertified woodstoves and fireplace inserts

image of woodstove
Antique Woodstove

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For more information on this program, contact Carrie Capp, 503-229-5868.
For more information about Air Quality call 503-229-5359 or email.


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