for a special meeting of the
Oregon Environmental Quality Commission

Jan. 22, 2013

Two locations:
DEQ’s headquarters, 811 SW 6th Avenue, Portland - 10th floor, room EQC-A
DEQ’s Bend office: 475 NE Bellevue Drive, Bend – Main conference room

Tuesday, January 22 – Special meeting: 1 to 3 p.m.
The commission will meet for a special meeting Jan. 22, 2013. Due to the short agenda, this meeting will be conducted by telephone conference. Some commissioners will be attending the meeting in-person at the DEQ headquarters building in downtown Portland. People who wish to attend the meeting may do so at the Portland headquarters or Bend regional DEQ offices. There is no public forum opportunity during this special meeting.

A. Action item: Petition for rulemaking

Commissioners will take action on a petition submitted Oct. 26, 2012. The petition requests that the commission revise certain parts of the statewide onsite wastewater program rules. By law, the commission must take action on any petition within 90 days of its submittal.
[Staff report and attachments; map]

B. Informational item: Key issues at Riverbend Landfill

DEQ staff will present information about key issues at Riverbend Landfill, including the seismic assessment for a proposed mechanically stabilized earthern berm. DEQ intends to review the application for the proposed berm expansion this winter, and make a final permit decision by spring 2013. This item is at the request of the commission, following discussion of this site at the December 2012 regular commission meeting.
[Staff report and attachments; slide presentation]


2013 EQC meetings
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June 19-20, 2013: Location TBD
Aug. 21-22, 2013: Location TBD
Oct. 16-17, 2013: Location TBD
Dec. 11-12, 2013: Portland